Sunday, January 29, 2012


I love Sundays.

There is something about the quiet morning, the kids sleeping in even if my eyes pop open and I can't "sleep in" past 7am. Well, sometimes they don't sleep in, either, but it's still special.  Well... not when I'm running late for church and Cam-shaft uses all the hot water in the shower...

Never mind.  Despite "everything", I love Sundays.

I woke up to this:

The morning sun is peaking under dark storm clouds making a whisper of a rainbow.

*sigh*  Sundays!!

In My Mailbox is hosted by The Story Siren - I love seeing what books everyone acquired every week. Hop over to see everyone's posts and join the linky yourself!

This week a large(ish) box from Amazon arrived with Bear's next series of Warriors books... and one for me (free shipping, you know, rather than pay $6 shp, I pay $6 more and get a book of my choice. I convince myself I'm saving money and I cooperate with myself by believing it's true.)


I have posted "buy from" links in case you feel inspired to follow my example on "How to Save Money". I was inspired to choose Under the Never Sky because of Parjunkee's Review.

This book is joining my small stash of "Nearly guaranteed to be GREAT" TBR pile, which I draw on whenever I read a book that makes me want to pull my hair out.

This morning I finished just such a book. It made me cry twice - not with the deep emotional connection, but with frustration. If I could lay hands on Kate of Goddess Interrupted personally, I would shake her until she got some sense. I would tell her to keep a journal of her Moping so she could see how often she sunk into it... and a second journal of her decisions and the results, so she could review it often.  But I'll write that in my (non)raving review later this week (or whenever I dare.)
Salon Sunday

Also this week:  

 * I joined Hollow Readers and Hollow Tours (see their buttons on my side-bars?) My review of The Goddess Test will be up on the Readers site soon!!

 Mundie Moms posted about Middle-Grade Monday, which she's going to continue on her kids' blog, which is something I need to incorporate.  I reviewed Wonderstruck.

 * I reviewed Only the Mountains Do Not Move, which was fun and different (for me!)

 * GENRE DISCUSSION WEEK!!  Why YA Genre is great and Which genre I don't like so much - honestly, I have a hard time assigning just ONE genre to any book. It's like boxes, I'm pretty much anti-boxes. If I was a librarian, I'd probably be printing new labels to sort books in different sections all the time, which would get me fired.

 * I discovered Pinterest and got lost gazing at beautiful dreamy places and uploading pictures.

The biggest news of the week was the launch of the YA Book Giveaway. I'm getting some great answers to the Question:
If you had a SECRET SUPERPOWER what would it be?

Some Answers from Awesome Followers:

I would love the ability to stop time...if for no other reason than I could take naps any time I want and no one would be the wiser. :)
Um. The superpower of being able to write a book within a year and have it ready for querying by a week's end?

Okay, just kidding. 

What I'd really like to do is be able to fly. That would be awesome. 

Hmm ... superpowers, huh? Maybe the ability to eat whatever I want and not gain any weight. Is that a superpower? :)
Sure!! I want it!!  

And what's up with this?!

If I told it wouldn't be a secret. Okay, time travel so I could stick people who bug me in a different time (Ie people who dislike my dog or are mess with my friends.)

I admit, it's kinda dumb to require everyone admit to their secret superpower... uh, 'cause that's like cryptonite, right?  No longer a secret?!

And from Clarissa P (Clary):


  1. UK Amazon got rid of the minimum spend for free postage ages ago. I used to always have to buy something extra too. Though now I don't stop and think at all when I buy a book, just click and go :\

  2. I say that it is definitely saving money...why waste it on shipping when you could have something to show for it!!

  3. hi! old follower! Found your site through Hollow Tours!

    Ning @ Reading by Kindle Fire

  4. This is the second blog I've visited today that mentioned Pinterest...and now I'm very curious. I received an invitation from a Facebook friend, but was afraid to add another

    Perhaps I should rethink that.

    I've heard really good things about Wonderstruck.

    MY SUNDAY SALON POST - and here’s

  5. Hi, fellow Hollow Tours Reviewer.
    Cant wait to read your Goddess Interrupted review. I m reading John Green's The Fault in Our Stars & The Mers for another tour.
    Busy reading week ahead. I don't mind it when its so cold out like it is now :)
    Have a gr8 week.
    Books & Beyond IMM

  6. Like what's in your mailbox. Those are fun answers to your hop question.

  7. I am thinking of joining Hollow! Just wasn't sure about it yet...LMK how you like it!


  8. That is a wonderful sight to wake up to! Nice mailbox too!

  9. I'm a little jealous of your great morning view. I woke up to my husband telling the boy not to wake me up, only for him to slowly slide into my bedroom and whisper my name as loud as he could (so the husband wouldn't hear) until I woke up. What did he want? Not a thing lol. Kids! Anyway, Under The Never Sky is still sitting in my pile waiting for some attention. I hope I can give it some soon. I hope you enjoy your books!

    My IMM

  10. I lurve Pinterest. Its a great place for collecting Ooh I wanna read that book ideas when I don't have a pad and pen handy. Beautiful photo :)

  11. Great set! I've heard good things about the Rossi book. I want to read it.
    My IMM

  12. I loved Under the Never Sky! Hope you do too:)


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