Wednesday, November 28, 2012

One of THOSE days!!

 I've been feeling extra... swamped lately. Kind of like... buried in buttery fluffiness. (??? I'm drawin' a blank, ok? I don't know what I'm buried in, but thinking about being buried reminds me of a "dream" when I was a kid of eating my way out of our house if it was filled to the ceiling with popcorn. I thought it would be so awesome to have to eat a tunnel of popcorn. *shrug* It was probably during a grow spurt.)

(Come on... you can't tell me it would not be fun to tunnel your way through popcorn!!)

My point is that I feel swamped, but it's not the sort of stuff I can complain about. As I write... right this very minute... I'm squished on the couch between kids. We're watching American Restoration. (Family time!)  If I don't make sense, I blame it on the TV. I can't really listen and type at the same time.

Maybe that's still why I'm meandering on the "swamped" bit?

When I checked my email this morning, I found this incredible surprise:

Michelle Diener had seen my review of her book and wrote me the awesomest email. I 'bout fell off the couch*. She said she doesn't normally contact reviewers, and I can understand that with all the drama of the past year, but I'm glad she contacted me, 'cause The Emperor's Conspiracy is absolutely amazing.
I see in your review that you'd like a copy for your library, and if you could send me your address, I'll very happily send you a signed copy.

I'm sorry. It's just so exciting, I had to scream again.

*Moment of silence*

There's just no way to move onto another subject after that, you know? However I had a few awesome emails planning for the Starflower Tour. Wanna hear some inside stuff?!

We're picking out little excerpts to go with the Review Posts. Little snippets, like "The Kiss by the River" and  "Bring Her To Me Alive." I wanted to share Anne Elisabeth Stengl's writing style thru-out the Tour. It's dreamy, like the language of faeries. Otherworldly. *shiver* The Guest Posts she has given us are absolutely delectable. They're split into bite-size pieces... like... mini-Snickers. The idea is to create a chocolate addiction to reading the entire Tour.

Muahahahaha... Even though I know what's comin', I can't wait to see it unfold!!

Revival (The Variant Series, Book 1)I responded to an Author Review Request. *gasp!* I know.  This email from Jena was funny and caught my attention. The (clickable) cover's a little creepy, which also caught my attention. Lol. The author sent me this awesome compliment - and I didn't even pay her to write it!!!
I read the short story you entered into the contest and really enjoyed it... Your style is fantastic! Hope to read more of your work someday!
*___*  HA!!!!  Did you see that?!  Ha HA!!

(She likes my writing!! I'm trying, Jana... I'm trying to find time to write!!)

But the reason behind this goofy post is Zara, who's blog is soooo entertaining, wrote about me! And guest-posted it!!
I love Laura’s sense of humour of the Colorimetry blog. There hasn’t been a time I’ve read her work and not laughed out loud! I love that. She writes book reviews, hosts a lot of contests, and her sense of humour makes her posts extra entertaining and fun.

Now I am, like, well... I have a swelled head the size of my birthday balloon, of course, but besides that, I'm humbled and inspired and I feel so overwhelmed with wonderful people that I might as well be stuffed to the brim with popcorn.

Thank you to everyone who speaks up and spreads compliments and nice things. I am going to remember today as one of THOSE days... one of those days when I feel like I'm barely treading water (or tunneling thru popcorn) but I'm also floating off the ground because of people who took the time to say something awesome.