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Review - Dangerous Voices by Rae Carson

Dangerous Voices
Dangerous Voices
by Rae Carson
Kindle Edition, 28 pages
Published November 11th 2012 by Rae Carson

Errik has been a prisoner--and alone--for a long, long time. He lives for the moment each day when the window of his dungeon cell shines a bit of light onto his bearded face.

But everything changes when he gets a new neighbor--a young girl with a voice as beautiful as the springrise.

They both know the rules: No singing. No speaking. Voices are dangerous. But they can't help themselves. And soon enough, Errik begins to remember himself, why he's here in this dark place, and why his captors will stop at nothing to ensure his silence.

What a surprising delight!  I'm going to have to stop being surprised at enjoying Rae Carson's writing. Lol. She keeps catching me off guard, though. This time I assumed that a short story written from an elderly male prisoner's point of view would be... *shrug* I don't know, simple? Straightforward?

Nope. There's so much more to singing. Without saying what or why, the story slowly reveals everything without such boring things as explanations. It's beautiful, like the patch of light in Errik's cell. It's unpredictable. Unsuspectingly glorious. It's cold, hard, gritty, bleak and glorious all at once.

And free. For Nook, at least:  Barnes & Noble

I don't know how to rate a short story, really. I feel like it must be a 5 - but then, pretty much anything Rae writes will be a 5 for me from here on out. Lol. It's unfair, really, but some writing works its way inside my innards like that. Either I'm right - it's really good - or I'm prejudiced to always think so.  :-)

Rae CarsonRae Carson

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