Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween Fun

We found some candy & costumes today, which is not news. It's nearly Halloween. The stores were crowded with all types of characters sorting through what was left on the 50% off isle. My big boys had decided they wanted "something funny" and I had agreed as long as they could find something for free. (I know making costumes is "better" but this is a book blog because I like to read, NOT spend countless hours with frustrating materials that don't cooperate and then finally give up and go buy something. I skip to the end and just check out the cheezy stuff in the store.)

Apparently "something funny" is hot right now. We found a Whoopi Cushion costume (can you imagine?!), a Hamburger Helper Hand!!  Dash & Bear struck gold when they found a Ketchup and Mustard costume with lids for hats. And nothing would appease Cam except getting the Hot Dog costume so he could run away from his older brothers.

So, yes.  I'm going Trick-or-Treating Monday with a Hot Dog with Ketchup and Mustard.  And a Kitten Fairy. (Our Trinity may have three older brothers, but nothing gets between her and dressing up with sparkles, wings, colored hair and a pet kitten). I'm not complaining. I'm going catch up good medicinal laughter that should last 'til the end of the year and beyond.

Once we were all in the Suburban again (fighting over who had to let who climb over their seat to sit in the back), we headed home. With the excitement of trying on costumes and maybe sneaking some early candy (all chocolate, of course) the insides of the large SUV had considerably shrunk. I was buzzing along in my happy place (ignoring the impromptu singalong - "let's see who sings best!" "But you don't know the words!!" "It's MY turn!!!" "MOM! Turn the music down!" "Mom, can you turn it back up?") When the buzzing was real.  Suddenly I was manipulating hair-pin corners to the screams of "BEE!!!"

The pumpkins in the back were rolling as I stomped on the gas and tried to avoid the side ditch (and on-coming traffic). In the rear view mirror I could see layers of flailing arms and a very concerned teary face of the girl who'd discovered the intruder in her hair.

"Hit it!" Dash suggested at top volume (he thought he was being funny). "I've been stung by a bee!" added Bear, "is it a bee? or a wasp?"  "Don't hit it!" I had to shout pretty loudly, but I could just picture Cam following that advice and there wasn't anywhere I could pull over, yet. I grabbed a coupon magazine that boasts "Everything else is just landfill" sitting on the seat beside me and handed it back to Dash. "Just get it out of here!"  He'll never kill anything if he can help it, so he's the best chance for the bee and the humans, both.  After a few more startled comments (and "it crawled inside the door, mom!" really shook me up a moment) Dash had the bee crawling on the magazine and helped him out the window.

Naturally, we were taught the differences between various types of creatures commonly called "bee" by Bear, who is an expert on the subject. I quit following along somewhere around "yellow jackets". Back in my Happy Place, I hurried home to string some spider webs.

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