Sunday, October 16, 2011

In My Mailbox

From The Story Siren...  #276

This was one of those working weeks where I was reminded why I read.

I could choose any number of great things to RELAX and not stress, but reading is by far my favorite.  Stress is a leading factor of all kinds of health issues, right?  For me... I suddenly can't drink coffee, which is tragic, or consume a decent amount of chocolate.  October is the best month of the year for snacking on chocolate.  There's mini-packages everywhere, perfect for stashing in mugs, behind plates, in randomly rotated cupboards.  Anyone coming over to my house might happen upon chocolate quite suddenly (and drop-ins are welcome).  Oh... what was I saying before I got sidetracked?  Stress limits my chocolate intake, too.  I can't even drink an entire cup of decent tea... and I just ordered a loose leaf tea sampler from Adagio and am currently debating whether I like Assam Melody or Darjeeling Sungma Summer better.

What I don't want to think about... is our new business in this (un)great economy.  Or how to get my boys to complete their homework and actually turn it in.  Or... whether my new blog is "cool" - I keep deciding that dorky is fine, but I'm surrounded by so many focused personalities.  They vibe off this... challenge... to have a plan and accomplish goals.  Or, maybe that's my own latent buzz.

When I can't stop thinking, or stressing, I get these big headaches, too.  Those dumb-ya kind, where thinking becomes a bad idea.  I don't curl up in the dark just because time slows to a crawl.  I stumble through life, which works for me since I'm clumsy, anyway.  That was yesterday.

Yesterday I reacted on instinct and downloaded The Stepsister Scheme on my Nook.  I also have Terrier and The Speed of Dark from the library this week.  I picked up a copy of Mercury Rises at the Amazon booth at the book Con last Sunday, too.  The Stepsister Scheme won the Which-One-First contest based on humor - could use some.  My instinct was correct.... no headache this morning!!!  *sigh*


  1. Hello!! you got amazing stuff! omg!!
    Tamora Pierce OMG! I just read her ALanna books! amazing stuff =)

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    take care and happy readiiiiiiiing ^_^

  2. Oh wow, great books! I haven't actually heard of any of these :) Tamora Pierce... she sounds really familiar.. can't think of what other book(s) she's written...

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  3. Fab set! New follower too. So cool that you got a Tamora Pierce book. I really want to start reading her novels.
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