Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Not-nice Award

I posted the Young People's Literature Awards on October 13th.  I picked up the six book picture from The National Book Foundation.  It has since been "fixed".

That's because they awarded someone by accident.

They literally mistook Shine... for Chime... and when I uploaded the picture, both of the books were there.  It's obvious by the list below, which I copied from the site.  Just this morning, all six books were displayed nicely, two by two.  Since I started writing this post, there are only five books squished together.  Shine is gone.

I found out on Robin McKinley's blog, where she vented her frustration on the well-known award committee.  She has a link to an entry that's gotten around that vents even more frustrated feelings in more direct language.

This is a Big Deal.

It's not such a big deal to mistake one book for another (what?  that's a Big Deal!!), but in McKinley's words...

So far, so grotesque.  But this is where my head explodes:  the NBA rang up the author of SHINE and asked her to withdraw her book from the list ‘to maintain the integrity of the award.’†

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