Thursday, November 17, 2011

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Q: Letter to Santa: Tell Santa what books you want for Christmas!

I think I have a confession to make... I just discovered NetGalley & how to request books before they are published... and then I figured out how to get them onto my Nook to read them... TODAY!  I feel like I fell into Santa's bag by surprise and he didn't even get mad at me!

Happy Me in Santa's Bag with flying packing peanuts.
I've felt a little like this all day:

I want all the delicious new books! 


  1. Hopping through. Speaking of delicious - I'd love to get some cookbooks!
    My Hop

  2. Hey, I remember my first time on NetGalley and i get it, excitement didn't begin to describe it lol. New follower ;)
    Tristan @ Reads With Wreckless Abandon

  3. Oh, I agree! The moment I discovered Netgalley, it was like Santa had come early :)

    New follower.

    Kim @ The Paper Planes

  4. I love Netgalley it's exciting when you get accepted for a book, here's mine

  5. Love Netgalley too.
    Thanks for stopping by and I'm following back.
    Happy reading

  6. Mwahaha! I had a very good book week, too. It's like Christmas has come early :D

  7. Netgalley is fantastic!

    BTW, re: your comment on my Breaking Dawn review.. lol.. i didn't go out and buy tickets for the first screening.. we had preview screening passes through work.

  8. I've never heard of net galley but I'll be sure to check it out. New follower. I'm over at:

  9. i wish I could read on netgalley, but it hurts my eyes. lol. I follow you here! happy friday! :)

    Stop by my blog and follow me back?! :) I'm hosting a cover craze today! :)

  10. Netgalley is def. something and I know how u feel when i first discovered the site....i was like jumping with joy.

    New Follower
    Do CHeck Le' Grande Codex Friday FF post

  11. Just hopping by, happy Friday!

  12. I love NetGalley!! So glad you discovered them :)

    MaryAnn @ Chapter by Chapter

  13. New Follower!

    I really hope Santa grants you your wish!

    My FF Post

  14. Your blog looks awesome! I'm a new follower.
    Make sure to follow my blog and check out my awesome giveaway :)


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