Saturday, November 12, 2011


We have a WINNER for the Giveaway Hop!!!  :-)  Woop!

My highly random way of drawing a winner consists of printing out all the comments and cutting them into slips of paper and.... drawing one!  For this drawing, I requested Trinity's professional help (as much as I wanted to show off my cool casuals).

Ok... deep breath.... hold it... HOLD IT.... TADA!!


You wrote:  "at the top of my wishlist right now is Record Collecting for Girls. I really like Courtney E. Martin (I've read a few of her books) and I love music, so I think it would be a great book...
I had to check it out....

Record Collecting for Girls
by Courtney E Smith
Published September 6, 2011
Ganked from Amazon:
You never leave home without your iPod. You’re always on the lookout for new bands, and you have strong opinions when it comes to music debates, like Beatles vs. Stones. For years, you’ve listened to men talk about all things music, but the female perspective has been missing. Until now.Drawing on her personal life as a music enthusiast, as well as her experience working at MTV and in radio, Courtney E. Smith explores what music can tell women about themselves—and the men in their lives. She takes on a range of topics, from the romantic soundtracks of Romeo and Juliet to the evolution of girl bands. She shares stories from her own life that shed light on the phenomenon of guilty pleasure music and the incredible power of an Our Song. Along the way, she evaluates the essential role that music plays as we navigate life’s glorious victories and its soul-crushing defeats. Finally, here is a voice that speaks to women—because girls get their hearts broken and make mix tapes about it, too. 

Congratulations, Stacy!!  You can choose this book or any you like!  I'll email you at the address you gave me in the comments and you have 48 hrs to claim your prize with format/shipping info!

THANK YOU to everyone who entered the Giveaway, leaving comments!  I really enjoyed checking out all the books you are interested in!!  You shoulda seen my boogy-dance when I passed 200 Followers (thx Kristi from Books and Needlepoint for the honors!! [correct me if I'm wrong!)  Or rather.... let me just say it was "joyful" and somewhat "comical" according to the few subjected to it.

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