Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Winnner - Gift Card Giveaway!

We have a winner for the Gift Card Giveaway!!

I worked really hard on this. Supidly hard. I'm going to figure out how to use digital random thingies for giveaways because.... I LOVE GIVEAWAYS!!  and cutting up every comment and folding it neatly is a pain. I'm one of those obsessive perfectionist types, so believe me when I say, all your entries had their own folded piece of paper in my box. And I'm going to bed right after this....

I loved everyone (hot) drink comments. Snow in winter is so picturesque, but how many people actually get some? So thx for answering my hypothetical question.  :-)

Some of my favorite answers:

Indigo said "peppermint mocha hot chocolate... add peppermint mocha creamer to hot chocolate" - isn't that a great idea?

Tayte H said - Hot coco with melted piece of 3 muskateers chocolate, mint, peppermint or cinnamon - weird but good.  - I had dreams about this answer. I seriously want to try it.

Dovile said - black tea with honey and a dash of ground cinnamon & cloves.

Adriana said - Cranberry white mocha extra hot

White mochas are the BEST when you can actually taste that white chocolate!!  Mmmmm

Maria HC said - wif a bunch of weeny marshmellows in it  - and this was a popular answer. Hot chocolate with marshmellows won, if there was a contest as to favorite drinks.  Maria G clarified - more marshmellows than drink.  :-)

Tweetyscute said - Pear apple cider from Trader Joes - and actually, that sounds good, doesn't it?

acm05 said - fill the cup with whip cream and pour on a bit of hot chocolate.

And on that rich note *sigh* I'll remember why I'm still up and ANNOUNCE THE WINNER:

who likes "Hot Chocolate"

Now off to bed with me in my ratty PJ's!!


  1. You should totally try my answer. It is really good. But any type of chocolate will do. :D

  2. Lol - oh, I will!! First some chocolate needs to survive long enough to get some hot chocolate going, which is somewhat of a challenge, but I'm DEFINITELY trying your crazy concoction!! :-)


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