Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Book Blogging Terms

What is up with cool Book Bloggin' Terminology?!

I mean, as I pointed out earlier, ARC is not derived from the cover of ARC's, which I assumed they were. No. ARC is not easier to say than Proof, either, although maybe Proof has a narrower meaning than ARC. Right? So it has to be ARC to cover anything Advanced being Read on a Copy.  :-)  (Yes, I'm taking liberties. If you're irritated, don't read on. This blip is highly irreverent.)

I just saw HEA in a comment and I had to *snark* - which is similar to snorting, gaffawing or some other odd embarrassing noise most often made in private, although usually spontaneous and therefore unpredictable.

HEA means Happily Ever After - as in,
 I am starting to get a little bored with stories that throw in a HEA right at the very end when the story would have been perfect without it.
This is a very legitimate point. Happily Ever After's in fairytales feel like that... the story's moving along so well and then suddenly BAM! a happy rainbow!!  The End.

Not so good.

I'm thinking of making a Reference of Book Blogging Terms so I can keep track of all these Terms and (potentially) not embarrass myself in front of my husband when he asks "what does that mean?" Can't you just picture the following conversation...

Kid: "But Mom, they all got a lollipop! Why can't I have a lollipop?"
Mom: "Sweetie, quit trying to turn this into an HEA. Sometimes life isn't fair."
Dad: "Uh... Honey-Pie, what did you just say to our daughter?"
Mom: "We're out of Lollipops and she didn't get one. Someone ate hers." *significant glare*
Dad: "No, no, I know what happened to the lollipop, what is 'HEA'? That sounds contagious!"
Mom: "Oh, you know, HEA as in Life Isn't Fair."
Dad: "That would be LIF"
Mom: "Oh, right. Uh... well, Happy Effects Aren't"
Dad: "What?"
Mom: "It's a book blogging term. You wouldn't get it."

If I had a Book Blogging Term Reference, however, I could look it up and say, "Happily Ever After!!!!" and we'd laugh and it would suddenly become a household regular.  Pretty soon the kids would be saying it and then it would catch on at the local schools... you get the picture... I could convert the neighborhood to using cool Book Blogging Terminology, which would save me from having to know what acronyms stand for.

(The Girl of Fire and Thorns, which review is going up tomorrow, defies this HEA horror, from heroine to prince charming, it's full of princesses and unpredictability.  Yay!)


  1. Note every story requires a HEA. The story should determine the ending, not the desire to appease the audience. These can often appear contrived and ruin a perfectly good story.

    Found your blog through the blog hop and started following - looking forward to reading more of your posts!


  2. "Contrived" is the trouble - you nailed it. Forcing a story out of it's passage to be happy or sad or anything really roughs it up.

    Thx for commenting!!!!

  3. Hi there! Thanks for the smile, I'm you're newest follower (courtesy of the Blog Hop) but you had me at HEA...

    Which may be because that's the title of my latest short fiction, which takes a slightly twisted look at some familiar fairy tales through the eyes of an omnipresent female protagonist... I'll be in touch to see if you'd like a reviewer's copy!



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