Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Wrap Up Read-a-Thon

I still love this picture... and the Enya music from The True Book Addict's blog. :-)  But it's a lot of work to say "I'm gonna read this" and then "I read that" in addition to reading and reviewing. Just saying.

What is your opinion on Read-a-Thons?  Are they just extra work? Or are you inspired to get a bunch of reading done?!  Since I hardly need inspiration to read more, I don't feel like I took advantage of whatever I was supposed to gain extra.  Just thinking.


Regardless, I clicked the linky to sign up and I thought about it all week, so that counts for something!!  (Was I supposed to do more? Bother.)

I did read How To Survive in a Science Fictional Universe. My review goes up tomorrow along with Calico Reaction.  :-) Yay!!

I also read Goddess Interrupted, which I finally wrote my review of... in two parts. I will post the Spoiler-Free version on Thursday. The rantingest spoiler-filled one can wait 'til after the book is published, don't you think?

I am half-way into Midnight in Austenland... and I have another quote tidbit (or two) for you, which goes right along with Teaser Tuesday nicely....
Pg 108
His whole attention seemed directed toward her, but a slight fidget made her wonder if he wasn't dying to get back to his table. Maybe he lived for a neat place setting, she considered. Maybe if she gave tidy tableware a fair shot, her life would be complete. 
Pg 130
Charlotte found herself with Colonel Andrews on a settee. Charlotte had never used that word before - "settee." But in Austenland, settees were prolific. There seemed to be a virtual warren of them in the house, reproducing like bunnies.
You do know that MIDNIGHT IN AUSTENLAND is available today, right?!  It's out!!!!  I totally want to give one away with my review... and I was supposed to by done by today, but here I am writing again instead of reading. It's a problem of mine.  I'm working on it!!!  So... instead, I share tidbits as I enjoy the book and if you still haven't bought it by the time I'm done, we'll see.  To entice you further, I'll give you a one click to buy button:

The first one with no price is $9.99 for the Kindle version - I guess Amazon wanted it to be a secret, but it's out of the bag, now!

Next I need to wrap up all those Challenges it was so easy to sign up for. I need to figure out what I actually read in January and which challenges I can file each book under. I am rolling my eyes. It is seriously much too easy to join up on these things... easier than it is to report about 'em!!

(Any hints out there?!  How do you keep yourself organized?!?!)


  1. Great teaser! My teaser comes from a collection of poetry and short stories by L.M. Montgomery, the author of Anne of Green Gables.

  2. Oooh Brilliant Teaser!! Here is my TT

    Happy reading
    Anna =)

  3. I got Midnight in Austenland today and I can't wait to read it! In fact I almost gave in tonight, but I have a stack from the library and on my Kindle that are due soon and I need to read those first. I have a handful of books I own that I really want to read, but I need to get the library stuff done first - bummer!

    If your talking about organization for reading books, I actually have an Excel spreadsheet I use with books I've read by author, if I liked them, if they're a series, if I've read, but not reviewed, and if they've been requested at the library. I keep my tbr on Goodreads, but I also have a list on my library page of those that my library carries. I also have a separate shelf on Goodreads for each challenge I'm a part of (the books that are tbr and those I've finished so I can assess with a click where I am).

  4. I think Read-a-Thons are an acquired taste or just something us fanatics latch on to...LOL! Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the reading. That's the main objective, to personally challenge ourselves. Everything else is optional. For my next read-a-thon, which I'm hosting in Spring, I'm going to focus more on the reading so any mini-challenges will be reading focused. I want to encourage people to read rather than distract them away from it. I'd like to thank you for joining me and also for your lovely compliments above about my blog music and read-a-thon button. =O)


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