Thursday, February 9, 2012

Ahem... an apology.

In Which I Apologize...

So... "someone" asked a "personal" question on a Giveaway, which ought to be TABOO. I mean, we read to escape (sometimes), right? So the unspoken rule of NO-REALITY-HERE has been busted.

"Someone" ought to have asked "What's your dream love?" and left it at that.  DREAM. Because even theoretical Mr. Amazing has OFF days and what if you wanted to enter the Giveaway on one of those days?!  I mean, what would you say?  "10 years of glory, but he can sleep in the dog house tonight!"?


This answer came in and I had to laugh.  Johnny Depp definitely counts.  So does Mr. Darcy and Chase and whoever that Onyx guy is. Our real Mr. Wonderfuls are allowed to be amazing one moment and obnoxious the next... I wouldn't want my reality any other way.

So... Blackest and Emma and everyone else, YES!!!  (and I'm so sorry!!!)

I'm in love with Johnny Depp. Does that count?
  1. Me too, Can that count?
    If not, then nope ;D

PS - I might have been able to find a more appropriate hot pic of Mr. Depp here, but... I do have my own Mr. Wonderful who is not currently in the dog-house (or otherwise in trouble) and I don't have a hankerin' to get into trouble myself should afore-mentioned Mr. Wonderful have issues over me blogging about hot guys, (which I never do, Dear!)  For the record... I didn't bring him up. I just found a decent picture to highlight the point:  NON-REALITY IS ACCEPTED HERE!!!  (Always!)


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