Thursday, February 23, 2012


WINNER of the Literary Giveaway - Mansfield Park by Jane Austen:

kara !  Kara D

Apologies to everyone about my bumbling first attempt at the Google Document!!

MorganvilleVampiresFan#1 noticed that I wasn't paying attention to anyone's form comments about the "multiple choice" instead of "boxes to click" or whatever they call it... and emailed me - kindly, even.

So, I fixed it in time for the last few entries.  No worries... I painstakingly counted everyone's entries, including the freebie, assigned everyone a number (or 11) and entered that total in a Random Number Generator, which gave me the winning 175th Entry-Winner, which is Kara D!!

Thx, too, for including your blogs... I shall visit all y'all shortly!

WINNERS of the Austen Hale Giveaways:

Profile Picture  Andrea... Midnight in Austenland!!

Sarah Erhart  Sarah... Forest Born!!

WINNER of the Random Acts of Kindness Giveaway... $15 Gift Card!!

Herp/LeDerpy, you have a really weird name. Just saying.

Quote Comment:

I'm currently reading "Across the Universe:, last quote I've read is "We're currently 250 years behind schedule." -From Eldest

I totally want to read Across the Universe... you'll have to tell us if you love it!!
Wasn't it fun to follow random quotes from everyone?!  It's amazing how many different books we're all reading... and then amazing when so many are reading the same one!!  That was fun!!

Thanks for entering the Giveaways!!

Y'all have 48 hours, or so, to email me your addresses for the winnings... preferred e-version for Midnight in Austenland. My hotmail's down temporarily, so pretty much no one is notified, yet. Fun & Games!

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