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This is a FUN zip-along-and-visit, a great big discussion revolving around one great question... and I do so love questions!!  :-D  The idea is to find new book bloggers - meet-n-greet, follow-n-follow-back, that sort of thing. Which means... if you leave me a comment, I'm stalking you back - lucky you!!  Ha!  (Just letting you know what your getting into around here.)  For real instructions and the Linky to join in the fun, hop over to PJ or ACR's sites. They're very thorough and kind and rarely (never really) scary.

Q: What book would you love to see made into a movie or television show and do you have actors/actresses in mind to play the main characters?

I'm dissolutioned over books made into movies. I mean... two examples:  Pride & Prejudice & The Twilight saga.  Muahahahaha...

Pride & Prejudice is LONG. The script follows the book very closely. The actors sat around reading the script together before it started (I read that somewhere. It's for real!) getting into character and absorbing Jane Austen's intentions. Then the whipped it together... without cutting out hardly anything. To listen to this movie is to nearly listen to the book being read. 

I like that. The author is honored. The art enacted is beautiful!

'Breaking-Dawn-Character-187.jpgTake the Twilight Saga, now... the first movie followed the emotions of the book rather closely, I thought (although I saw someone liked the second better, which can only be a preference to the second installment in general, in my opinion.) But it has digressed so far that I have to believe the actors have not read the book. (I'm not talking about whether you like the book or like the movie or not, please don't hang me!)

I get the distinct impression... as gorgeous actors stand, posed, that they're wondering what emotion they're supposed to be feeling, like they aren't sure. Did you see that?!

So, basically, this is a question in multiple parts.

1 - Do I want my favorite book butchered?


2 - Will a producer be found that will listen to the author (either present or not) and give me a movie worthy of my favorite book?

I just don't even want to put that high of an expectation on anyone. It's unkind.

3 - Is there no hope then?!


hunger-games-katniss-galeI'm eager to see Hunger Games. Did you see the latest?!  Take a quiz to see which Faction you'd be in!!  :-D

And I'll probably see The Lorax, too, since this is a great day to mention that movie. *ahem*

Dr. Seuss' The Lorax Poster
So, yea... I do hope. I mean, Hugo won a bunch of awards, right?  We're already talking about watching it this weekend. (Don't tell me if you didn't like it!!!)
Hugo 3D

What a loaded question for a nice Friday!!!!

More delicious Friday News!!

Today is special 'cause it's Dr. Seuss's Birthday, which is celebrated by schools and crazy people everywhere!!  Hey... I'm all about celebrating BOOKS any chance I get! Plus... my kids are going to school Friday in Pajamas w/ Dr. Seuss books stuffed in their backpacks.  Excitement is HIGH around here!!!!

30 amazing Dr Seuss quotes....perfect for Seuss-themed celebrations tomorrow!

I nabbed these Dr. Seuss pictures off Pinterest. In fact, I've gathered a few, which I sprinkled around my blog in honor of the holiday - and they all link back to my Books Worth Reading board!  You may resist joining Pinterest for a while... in fact, I suggest it if you want to keep your spare minutes. 'Cause for some reason, Pinterest sucks up all your extra seconds and minutes and even ones that aren't "extra", which is really inconvenient. It's rather like a delicious sort of black hole. Best to keep your distance!


  1. No fret, Hugo was stunning!

    New Follower -


  2. You are so right and I'm putting a lot of pressure on The Hunger Games movie, if this doesn't go right, books to movies will forever be ruined for me. Have an awesome weekend =D
    Tristan @ Reads With Wreckless Abandon

  3. New Follower -- Courtesy of F&F

  4. I do love Pride and Prejudice - the mini series. The one with Keira Knightley was a bit weird, though it still followed the book.
    And Twilight.... what can I say, you summed it up :)

    I didn't like Hunger Games the book, but I hope to like the movie. It sounds like a movie book anyway :)

    My #FF

    1. Wow... really depends. If Hollywood goes crazy with the gory side of things I'm going to crawl under a rock after raving about the book so much! I mean, kids killing each other?!?! I hope we all like the movie!!!!!!

  5. I love that version of P&P with Colin Firth. the fact that they followed the book so closely really appealed to me. Not such a fan of the one with Keira Knightly though.

    Here's my Follow Friday. Stop by if you get a chance.

  6. I can't wait to see Hunger Games, though I still need to read the books. And I love the Keira Knightly Pride and Prejudice.

    Thanks for stopping by.

    Jennifer @ Reading and Writing Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance

    1. Well... it's shorter. And Knightly's cool. And I like P&P in every form to a degree. Have you read the book? :-) It's a must, I think, almost yearly for me!!

  7. Oh, I can't wait to see The Hunger Games!

    Thanks for stopping by the blog!


  8. Love your answer! Hunger games is gonna rock!

    New follower!

    Bri @ Kindling the Fire
    My Follow Friday

  9. I have really high hopes for the hunger games movie. :)

    I'm a new linky follower

  10. I can't wait for the Hunger Games too, I really hope it's good. Happy Friday!

  11. I understand, no one wants their favorite book to be misrepresented in a movie! Or have the movie make people NOT want to read the book. LOL. Thanks for stopping by my blog: I LOVE your answers :)

  12. I am eagerly waiting for the Hunger Games.

  13. What a well-thought out response! I'm really looking forward to the Hunger Games movies :)

  14. Oops... I just realized I got my Dystopians all mixed up. The Faction Quiz is for Divergent. Hey... I was watching The Godfather while I typed!!! What can I say?! I can't think and write and watch a movie and put kids to be all at the same time!!!

  15. I am SO excited for Hunger Games!! I already have my tickets :D

    Happy reading and thanks for stopping by!! :)

  16. You have a great blog :D

    New follower on all the ones you have.

    Here is my FF :D

  17. I'm such a fangirl, but I'm so excited for the girl! EEE! Can't wait!

  18. Thanks for following me! following you back! i'm excited to see the HG movie too.

  19. When I saw that there was 3 1/2 hours between showtimes at the theater I'm going to, to see The Hunger Games, my hopes soared, because there is a lot of book to go through. That made me think they didn't make it the sacrificial lamb that Twilight became (though I do still love those movies - the books are worlds better). Yeah, THG has a lot to live up to!
    Great answer and thanks for stopping by!
    Jennifer @ The Bawdy Book Blog

  20. Awesome choice. Thanks for stopping by!

  21. Very good points. I think I just feel like I have to finish the Twilight movies at this point. I keep watching them even though they often make me cringe.

  22. Hi Laura!!!
    Thanks for visiting my FF this week! I'm never this late replying back, so sorry!;)
    I also think Pride & Prejudice if they brought it to the big screen, or maybe one of my all time favorite books A Tale of Two Cities.;)

    I enjoy Twilight books and movies even they are cheesy hehe. Hey funny I went to your blog late Thursday night and was going to comment you back but fel in sleep with my iPad in my arms. So I wake up and see posts on twitter about it being Dr Seuss birthday/anniversary and I kept thinking "I just saw that posted on a Buddy of mines blog,?" it bugged me all weekend I couldn't remember, and then I come to your FF, and it was your blog I saw it on!! Lol.

    Okay so I wrote a book on your comments but basically I wanted to say, hope you had a wonderful weekend! I always love hearing from you and visiting your blog!

    Congratulations on hitting your 1,000 followers! :-) I'm halfway there, and so I can only imagine how exciting that must be!!;)xoxo

  23. Thanks SO much for stopping by my blog!

    Awesome answer! I love those movies!!!! :)

    Old follower :)

  24. I agree, the pressure is on Hunger
    old follower-GFC-Avry15
    You have a nice blog!:)

    Here's my ff:

  25. I love the P&P movie! So good, and so very close to the book. :) Thanks for hopping by for FF!!


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