Saturday, March 10, 2012

Interlude of Too Much Fun

I took a picture of the Moon last night... through the stark apple trees, covered in clouds... and it turned out looking like a speck of dust.  Someone said that, "speck of dust", on the Lunar Giveaway, and that's exactly what it looks like.  Wanna see it?  (If you stare really hard, you can almost see the clouds.)

Late Thursday night Nana showed up out of the blue... right about when I was thinking of what covers to list for the Friday Feature & Follow question (besides The Dawn of Angels, my obvious answer.) We promptly had an unscheduled Sleep Over w/ extra pillows and blankets flyin' around and all the girls donning PJ's and impromptu slippin' & slidin' contests on the hardwood floors in fuzzy socks.

I thought everyone would sleep in late Friday morning, since there was no school... but nope.  We were all up before 7am. My mo-in-law had just come from a Google ads training thing in Pheonix, so she started giving me tips on how to increase income on websites & blogs, which I would love because I'd be able to blog even more!!!  :-D  We fiddled with all kinds of stuff on our separate laptops 'til the morning was gone and we rushed out the door to finish errands before the evening fun.

The local small-town mid-school had a Luau last night, which included a cake walk, a big bounce house obstacle course in the gym, tons of silent auctions, Bingo.... book sale!!  :-)  All to help support the school. It was my pleasure to comb through the book sale while my honey & Nana hit the silent auction helping to work it into some sort of froth-n-frenzy.

It's not really "silent" with a loud countdown and usually calm adult hovering over bid papers ready to fill in their bid number if someone dares outbid them in the last few moments.  We converged in the library to figure out how to pay for all the winnings... since there's a competitive streak runnin' thru the fam and they won more than they meant to.

We finally staggered out to the Suburban with a couple cakes, a couple baskets w/ sweet smellin' candles and fancy clam chowder mix from a favorite beach restaurant. The kids were sportin' goofy glasses and Luau necklaces, face paint and some books, of course!! 

I've woken up this morning to what looks like a party - board games are still out from earlier layered with gift certificates for swimming lessons and candles, travel mugs & Harley Davidson wrapping paper.  (?!)

I don't have the time to write up a nice post... but this will explain why I'm MIA. Sometimes, fun times arrive, catchin' me by surprise!

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  1. Family time and fun should always be given its special moments, I think. What a blast you guys had and supported a worthy fundraiser!

    Those cake walks are dangerous especially when my sister in law is the one making the cakes -yummy chocolate fudge and spice cake.


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