Thursday, May 3, 2012

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And the awesome question is:

Q: What is one thing you wish you could tell your favorite author?

Oh... I get tongue-tied, so I wish I could tell them everything I love about their book instead of standing there with my jaw lying on the floor.  Then I wish I could ask them to write another sequel of my favorite book... and then I would dare to ask if I could "help" read it before it goes to publishing!  And then I'd wanna say "No!! I'm not crazy!! I'm not stalking you, really!!!!" when obviously I am. (Crazy & stalking, both.)

I'm getting some FUN answers from entries in the Spring Fling Giveaway. Here's some cheerful spring-y comments!!!

From Steph:

From Di:

And a poem from Kate:

Here's a poem by Robert Louis Stevenson called Spring Carol. It's one of my favourites.

When loud by landside streamlets gush,
And clear in the greenwood quires the thrush,
With sun on the meadows
And songs in the shadows
Comes again to me
The gift of the tongues of the lea,
The gift of the tongues of meadows.

Straightway my olden heart returns
And dances with the dancing burns;
It sings with the sparrows;
To the rain and the (grimy) barrows
Sings my heart aloud—
To the silver-bellied cloud,
To the silver rainy arrows.

It bears the song of the skylark down,
And it hears the singing of the town;
And youth on the highways
And lovers in byways
Follows and sees:
And hearkens the song of the leas
And sings the songs of the highways.

So when the earth is alive with gods,
And the lusty ploughman breaks the sod,
And the grass sings in the meadows,
And the flowers smile in the shadows,
Sits my heart at ease,
Hearing the song of the leas,
Singing the songs of the meadows.


  1. Omg, that baby goat is adorable :) And I totally get what you mean by uncontrollable fangirling.

    GFC follower. My FF.

  2. Haha, that sounds pretty normal crazy to me, though! I think a lot of authors probably go through experiences something similar to that! ;)

    Also, yey for allergies!!

    Old follower. Here's my FF.

  3. Hopping through. I think I could be pretty calm with most authors but I'd be speechless around Stephenie Meyer and JK Rowling probably.
    My Hop

  4. Heheheheh, I think you pretty much summed it up :)

    Here's my Follow Friday

  5. Old follower! Haha, I can imagine I'd end up pretty tongue-tied myself, and I admit, I couldn't keep to just the one author - oops!

    Here's my FF!

  6. Great answer - I tend to get tongue-tied myself, then think of a dozen brilliant things to say the moment they walk away . . .

    Bob @ Beauty in Ruins

  7. New follower! I get tongue tied too :) Great post! Thanks for stopping by my blog and following!

    Happy Reading

  8. Lmao. Yeah, if I met some authors I would just stand there and say in as many different ways as possible how much I love them/their book. I wouldn't be able to form or ask any of the actual things I'd wanted to! ;) I think I'd be more of a fangirl for some authors than if I met some drool-worthy actors..

    1. jajajaja Yea, me, too!! If only I was as obnoxious in person as I fearlessly am online. What's up with that, anyway? Psychotic duality or something!!

  9. Ugh, I know, I fear that I too come across as crazy and stalker-y to authors I love. I really need to work on that, because, as far as I can tell, I'm not actually a crazy stalker. I'm just...enthusiastic.

    Thanks for following on my FF!

  10. lol... I might be speechless as well and just nodding and smiling to the author and then at the end of the day, dreaming of what I should have said..:)

    Hopping Through!
    My FF

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