Thursday, May 24, 2012

Splash into Summer Give@way Hop

Have you been to the pool lately? Did you bring a gogeous hardcover with you? Did you sit by the edge and dangle your fingers in the water while you read?

Only if you were alone!!!!

Who brings a beautiful hardback swimming?  Even when I'm sitting as far from the water as possible, my dripping darlings seek me out to make sure I saw their latest trick. They lean over me, too, as if seeing whether they can drip on my pages... I mean to describe the newest awesome thing in detail so I'll know what to watch for during the demonstration.

Sound familiar?

I don't care how far away from the pool you are, pristine pages beg to be dropped on. So, rather than offer the latest beauty for this giveaway, I'm giving TWO e-books.  Choose 2 (or up to $10) from below...

The prize is $10 of e-books, or so, and I'd be happy to negotiate which ones... like one e-book instead of two is do-able, or you can help me find some great deals out there. I've had a bugger of a week with my hard drive crashing. My awesome hi-tech fam got my laptop back to me in record time... with a few treasures & cookies, even, but I lost a lot.  BACK YOUR STUFF UP!!!!  Pause right now and back up your pictures and stuff. Unexpected things are... unexpected!! I lost a lot. I hadn't backed most of my stuff up for over a year.  But, at least I'm back!!  I feel like kissing my computer.  MHUA!  I felt like I was missing half my brain this week!!

Giveaway rules are listed under About Me, including "must be old enough to win". In addition, you must  be able to receive an e-book, 'cause that's the prize. Kindle for PC & Nook for PC are free and there's way too many fun e-books out there, so, I don't feel a bit bad about promotin' 'em. You can't have too many books!!  Not if you're following Colorimetry, anyway!!

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