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Weigh In and Pin It!! Sorry!!!

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Todays topic: Contemporary Vs. Fantasy 

So... I don't mind Contemporary much, it's just that there's no Fantasy in it, so that's a problem. The thing is, I grew up reading a lot of the Bible (you totally knew I was going there, didn't you?!) and if you read very much of the Bible... (and say, actually believe it) then "normal" takes on this whole 'nother flavor with angels and really creepy bad guys and people smacking rivers with mantles parting them to walk on dry land or hitting rocks with sticks so they can have drinking water... or hangin' out in a whale (or was it a whale?!) for a few days, or skipping death altogether and just going to heaven on a flamin' chariot. I just have a very... uh... "normal" view of life that looks a heck of a lot more like Fantasy than Contemporary. So... Contemporary is ok... it's just boring. And Fantasy is *sigh* perfect!!

Regardless of the kind of book, I like finding stuff I can relate to in 'em, you know?  Like... if I was Eve and found out I was going to a +++ -making factory, I would +++ just like she did. TOTALLY!!

I found this recently and it looked like fun:

Here's THE SCOOP on the challenge & here's the SIGN UP LINKY.

The idea (I think... I'm slightly confused, but I double-question backwards, so that's not surprising) is to DO ONE OF YOUR PINS.  Like, when you pin something, try it out!!  Uh... on Pinterest.

For example... I saw some cool cut-up-yer-t-shirt designs and took scissors to some t-shirts. I made a huge mess and it was a lot of fun. (Did not get pictures... weird.) My husband pointed out that they still look like t-shirts and maybe I didn't "get" the design in the pictures. I think I'll try it again some time, 'cause I have a LOT of car show t-shirts that I uh... just don't wear much. Except to car shows, of course.

I think another way to participate (and this could be me, looking at it backwards) is to DO SOMETHING AND PIN IT!!  Jajajajajaja  (that's laughing in Spanish. I can speak different languages when I laugh. Comes from traveling.)  Doesn't this make sense?!  If you take pictures of How To do something and post 'em on Pinterest, didn't you just do it?! 

My one -n- only example so far is my How To Package Books to Mail. It's a pretty thrilling commentary, if you missed it. You should definitely check it out.  HEY... better yet, PIN IT!! take pictures of your beautiful wrapping!  and mail the book to ME!!  Then I could send you pictures of what it looks like AFTER traveling in the mail!!  What a genius idea!!!


Everyone's writing apologies nowadays, and I've got one, too!!

Sallie, you totally make me feel so warm -n- fuzzy and I totally shouldn't be so nervous that I'm actually icy... so that's my apology - I'm sorry I didn't reach out to other bloggers first!! I also need to apologize to Passionate Bookworm because she brought a book bag with her name all over it, so even if I didn't recognize her (yet) I guessed she was a blogger (and stalked her immediately afterwards and since!!)  She wouldn't have recognized me b/c I wasn't wearing my flower.

Sallie MazzurTuesday, May 8, 2012 8:43:00 PM PDTYou know, I've gotten to enjoy visiting most of the book blogs I follow over these past few months, and I'd be just as excited to meet all of you as I would to meet the authors! So if I had been there, I TOTALLY would have gone up to you (and any other book bloggers I recognize from their pictures they post) and been like, "OMG HEY, you exist in human form! Let's hang out and talk books!" Because that's how awkward I am and because there's no better way than to just jump in and break the "burgandy" ice... if you will!

I did meet the avid reader (who was deep inside The Clockwork Prince) reading next to me, the B&N employee who shared her thoughts on book covers and everyone around and near me that dared mention any book in my hearing. The person behind me actually had a copy of Insurgent in her hot hands and was visibly concerned that I'd drool all over her beautiful cover.

The cover conversation was really interesting. The question is, why do so many covers have girls on them? Maybe boys want to read those books, too, only they have to brave the formal wear or sultry beauty on the cover to buy them. I think that's a good question. I love a beautiful cover... and I voted for Everneath like crazy!!  But it's cool that guys like to read, too... and maybe frilly covers aren't their favorite?  Whatya think?


  1. There are so many girls on covers because there are so many girl protagonists.

    But seriously, I want to see more male protagonists in YA. Where dem boys at?

    1. yea, but, but, but... don't boys like reading about girl protagonists? Maybe they appreciate the cover heads-up?

    2. Well, I'm a boy, and I had been seeing more girl protagonists around than boys. While it doesn't bother me much, the fact that many other books have similar elements (dystopians with a love triangle) makes me yearn for more male protagonist.

      But not just "duel narrator" stories, like Across the Universe. I want to see a male go solo in the next big story, a la Harry Potter. I wonder what other personality types would be used?

      Oh, and by the way, I don't really factor in whatever there's a pretty girl on the cover or not, due to several reasons. For instance, there's a reason why I have a LGBT male protagonist in my WIP... ;)

    3. Ah... how handy for answering this question!! Happily for me, I think of you as a Chihuahua. I'm glad you don't figure in covers, necessarily. I was concerned. And... how cool you've got a WIP!! I'm sorta new to writer-talk, what's LGBT?!

  2. I really dig your answer to the Weigh In Laura! It's cool to hear what you prefer as far as fantasy or contemporary, but it's way cooler to hear WHY you like it more! Awesome answer:))

  3. Haha..maybe it'd be better to read both contemporary and fantasy, so you'll never get bored!

  4. I definitely prefer fantasy over contemp too! I think we've had this talk before...I probably read about 5 contemps a year now, where before it was ALL I'd read. On that topic, it's also good to spread out your readings and not read the same genre all the time! I got so burned out on Dystopia a few months back cause it was ALL I would read. I wouldn't even look at another genre!

    I always wonder about boys reading the same YA as I do. I know that books are not strictly male or female, but sometimes I don't see the "why boys would like this" side of many books, and so I love when I get my hands on a book with only a male POV. I'm trying to get my boyfriend to read more, and I still have no idea what YA books to recommend for him because I know he doesn't want to read about love triangles or girls having boy problems, and that's SO much of the YA I read, because it's like every YA has it! >_<

    On topic of pinterest, I'm actually gonna be doing some of the stuff I've been pinning soon. My cousin and I were talking (she is more obsessed with it than I am) and she has a board "things I've actually tried". I have a few easy DIY sewing projects to start soon, whooo.

    1. I hear ya on Burn-Out!! I took a break from angel books to read dystopian, then I took a break from dystopian and read some underwater ones (and for other reasons!!) and now I'm catching up with skipped ones while beginning the super-human sandman book by Pavarti. Yay for variety!!

      I forgot about your sewing this year!! That'd be perfect for Pinterest!!

      It's so refreshing to get FEELINGS aired out, so I understand all the YA drama, you know? My boys are veeeeeery particular about what they like to read. The more gears, blood & action, the better. Maybe it's just best to have LOTS of books out there. Back to awesome VARIETY!!!

  5. Yeah, fantasy is amazing & great answer, I never thought about the Bible like that :) I actually blame my love for fantasy on the Arabian Nights & all the fairy tales I read as a child ;) just like I blame my love for detective books on Agatha Christie, my love for sci-fi on Star Wars & Harrison Ford, and my love for adventure on the book Around the World in 80 Days & the Indiana Jones movies & Harrison Ford ;) Yeah, I loved Harrison Ford, my first crush ;) I guess what we grew up watching & reading & yeah, listening (music), that has big influence ;)
    LOL kinda forget myself there ;)
    And yeah, I like something in the books I can relate, too, usually the characters ;) so although I love fantasy, the writing style or the characters can still make it boring ;)

    1. I'm a new follower - of your blog -n- stuff, plus you mentioned Arabian Nights for the Children's book giveaway, too, so I feel like I've really MISSED OUT not having read that book!!! Like, I better order it NOW so I don't miss out on all the AWESOMENESS!! :-D Love your enthusiasm!! Especially for the classics!!

      In fact... I totally want to highlight a book that I've never seen mentioned anywhere... maybe I'll do that. Now.

  6. Is Jonas!!! Jaja, I know right? Whenever you grow up hearing such stories & are thaught to believe them... well, everything else is quite mainstream, jajaja.
    My favorites always involved the miracles, thouhg the ones with angels always made me feel uneasy...

    But, sorry, I lost it; where did the apologi come from??

    1. jajajaja Um... apology is from Not saying "hi" to other bloggers 'cause I didn't know who was who, etc, etc.

      But... "Apology" is also a slightly sarcastic reaction to I Am A Reader, Not a Writer apologizing over freakin' out about the Insurgent marketing game. Remember seeing Vote for Candor! everywhere? I guess Harper made promises, but didn't really deliver, so Kathy spazzed out some online and someone took offense... and I guess I think it's funny that we have to be politically correct all the time on "personal blogs" so I would have a turn at apologizing.

      I didn't explain all that... just that I am sometimes more friendly online 'cause I can be and in person I'm rather shy.

      And yea... Jonah!!! Yay!!! :-D

  7. It's taken a while to get back to you but at least I'm in time for tomorrow! =D

    My love of fantasy comes from my mum but I can see how the Bible could have inspired it in other readers! I mean, it does include the first written account of the zombiepocalypse, right?!


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