Monday, May 7, 2012

Winning Announcements

Winners are pilin' up around here!!

I get these grandiose ideas of how I'm going to announce winners... but then time just keeps slippin' away!!  Better to pass out the goods than make a huge hoopla about it!!  (Maybe?!)

I'm very excited to announce the following winners:

Of Poseidon

Latoya Cricket is the winner of the Fairytale Giveaway Hop and Of Poseidon!!

As in Cricket of Little Library Muse!!

Little Library Muse

And I have two Of Poseidon swag winners:


But wait!!  There's more!!!

The White Lilac

I have three winners for Kindle copies of The White Lilac, thx to author Christina J Adams!!

            1 - Alicia
            2 - Kiki
            3 - Bookworm Sarah

I have two winners for print copies of The Kingdom on the Edge of Reality, thx to Tribute Tours, Gahan Hanmer & Colorimetry!!

            1 - Abigail of The Story Factory Reading Zone
            2 - Alison

...if anyone's paying attention, I still haven't announced the Showers of Books winners, yet. I rec'd sooooo many great words for RAIN, that I simply must share!!!  So, time-consuming awesome post pending!!!!


  1. Thanks ever so much, really looking forward to receiving this

    1. HI Abigail!!

      If you emailed me, It didn't arrive!!! Please give me your address via Goodreads, maybe, or something more reliable than my handy-dandy helpful hotmail!


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