Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Volunteering -n- Stuff

Phthewp!  I dropped off the edge of a cliff... books & blogging & eating all out of sight. PHTHEWP!

(Go ahead... that noise is super-fun to make. You gotta try it!!)

I just thought I'd pop back in for a sec although my tummy's growling and chat about Volunteering.

Everyone should volunteer somewhere. It's a great opportunity to dump loads of time into something and get warm fuzzies in return.  There's no time limit... no required lunch breaks... all structure just tossed out the window for the sake of a good cause.

Makes ya wanna stretch, doesn't it?!

My voice is tired from talking on the phone... and I HATE talking on the phone. My fingers ache from scribbling notes. My brain is fried from throwing myself in front of the Rejection Train over -n- over. (When I get the "no, thank you, not right now" schpeel.)


This is our fourth year volunteering for a car show. My Cool, Man is all about judging the classic rides, being an awesome car guy-type. I'm all about the donations for the raffle and goodie bags.  My experience in owning a business gives me a fun twist... 'cause I know WHY it's worthwhile for businesses to donate to our Cruise-In... and I let 'em have it (my abundant opinion.)


Cheap, focused advertising.

It's like one of us getting a booth at a book con or slippin' our blogger business card in a goodie bag handed out to all the paying attendees. Yea, that awesome.

So... I made over 50 phone calls today and got commitments for over 25 donations right off. Here's my MESS:

(The only quiet place was the bedroom... on my totally awesome quilt.)

Fun stuff like decorative planter pots imported from China, fresh pies, gift certificates to all kinds of restaurants, funky garage signs, free rounds of golf, oil changes, hand bags & salon baskets (for happy wives!), free lattes, hanging flower baskets....

*sigh* It's enough to make ya wanna buy tickets to this raffle!!!

Tomorrow I have over 25 stops to make, picking stuff up and dropping off flyers (with the tax ID & all that fun stuff.)  I fully intend to stuff my Suburban to the brim in one day. *cough*  Some sleep... some dinner, maybe... and I'll be fresh -n- rarin' to go!!  (Not in that order. Food first. *Growl*)

It's a long time since we chatted about Volunteering. Do you volunteer?  Are you careful to limit your time or do you go crazy (all of a sudden), like me?

Personally, I think that taking care of a house-full of kids for the summer should count. Lol. Which would mean I'm double-timin' it!

We picked up Minecraft yesterday for the Xbox, however, so I can't take credit for entertaining them today. I haven't seen 'em since they figured out how to play all four of 'em together at once!!  You won't catch me complaining about four kids playing happily together. Are you nuts?!  We'll discuss limiting screen time and getting some exercise tomorrow... with the beginning of swim lessons.  M'k?