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What do you look for in a Review?

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Back in May I threw up a Survey asking Colorimetry readers to vote on "What makes a Good Review?" I never got around to posting the results, so this is a great time for the reveal!!

Drum roll, please!!

The biggest winners are Book Cover Pic & Rating!!

Book Cover Pic
  66 (85%)
  52 (67%)
Book Premise
  40 (51%)
Book Trailer
  12 (15%)
Goodreads Link
  34 (44%)
Short -n- Sweet
  26 (33%)
  17 (22%)
  34 (44%)
  57 (74%)
Summary in own words
  20 (25%)
Character Breakdown
  11 (14%)
Publisher & Stats (when pub)
  19 (24%)
Plot Breakdown
  7 (9%)
Author Links (FB, Twitter, etc)
  25 (32%)
Buy-it-now links
  19 (24%)
Romantic Breakdown
  9 (11%)
Content Alerts
  18 (23%)
Deep Thoughts
  16 (20%)
  30 (38%)
Like this, Like that examples
  18 (23%)
Reason read
  14 (18%)
Where you rec'd book from
  7 (9%)
Cover Commentary
  18 (23%)
Book spoofs
  0 (0%)
Reviewer personality
  26 (33%)
Spoiler Disclosure Alert
  38 (49%)
Genre Classification
  39 (50%)

Votes so far: 77
Poll closed 

It's fascinating to see other reader's & blogger's opinions. I'm looking forward to checking out all the opinions on this hop, too!!  I agree with this survey mostly.....

Rate Yourself ChartHere are my priorities:

1. Book Cover Pic - I gotta see the cover!!!

2. Rating - Positive or negative, I wanna know what you think in a glance!

3. Premise - I like to see a blip copied from somewhere, vs. a summary "in my own words".

4. LINKS!!  I like the Goodreads link & I also like links to the author's website and any social sites. I'm nosey!!
A Girl Writing

5. For the review... I love readability. If the font is hard to read or very big, I don't read it. If the paragraphs are long, I don't read it. If something doesn't jump out at me screaming "You want to read this!!!" I don't read it. Pathetic, I admit.

I skim before I read... I read the first sentence of each paragraph and move on UNLESS that first sentence grabs my attention. OR - if there are bold words or sentences that allow me to skip to an interesting part of the review.

I don't like short reviews because they're missing all the juicy bits of WHY?! Those little paragraphs that announce that someone read a book and liked it? Bleh.

For me... give me details, give me lots of opinion and make the review easy to read!!

I am grateful for other things - like spoiler or content alerts. Some reviewers have cool lookin' content buttons. I like 'em. Book stats are handy, too. It's nice to get as much info as possible all at once.

If I could add one thing to my own reviews, I would break down my ratings so different elements in the book had their own rating resulting in the overall rating. 'Cause... two books may both be a "4" to me, but for totally different reasons which make sense in my head. You know? And seeing the same rating sitting on both of 'em just doesn't seem right when they're so different.

But that's 'cause I have so much trouble with classifications. Which also explains why I puzzle over genres.

What do you like best in a review?


  1. I agree with you about short reviews. I'm always disappointed when I come across a review that has a huge goodreads book synopsis and then only a few sentences of the reviewer's opinion. I want to know more!

  2. I have trouble with classificatsion - rating and genres - too! I agree, breaking the rating on parts would be a good idea, because the same rating doesn't at all mean the same elements were equal.

  3. I have completely forgotten about book trailers - how awesome would they be to add? Great idea :)
    The Brunette Librarian Blog

  4. ME too, I don't like long reviews, I do skip it. I do like book trailer's though!!

  5. Great post! I like reviews to be fairly short - but I don't mean three words short. I mean, fill me in but don't make me miss work short!

  6. I like the reviews to be dynamic.
    Like you say, something that comes gorgeous to the eye & says Hey cha, come read me~ You know you NEED it. Also, I like them to be fun, or at least, entertaining.

    &, quite frankly, I roll my eyes & turn around when a review stars in a This beautiful, entertaining, heart-melting, bla, bla, blah, debut is such an AMAZING read, blah, you won't be disappointed way. I mean, what?

    If I wanted adjectives & someone telling me I'm gonna love the damn book I'd as well go to the marketing campaign & let myself be convinced.

    I read short reviews... if it is good. I don't really mind reading a LONG review IF it is worthy.

  7. Excellent post! I agree -- while concise reviews are nice, I prefer that it not to be too short. It isn't helpful to read that a blogger liked or disliked a book without being able to dig into the reasons why. I like enough information to decide for myself whether the book might be for me. Also, I think there is an individual chemistry between each reader and book, so it sometimes helps if the review gives me a sense of what the reviewer is like and how she thinks.


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