Friday, September 7, 2012

Faerytale Friday - Pinocchio

Totally agreed! #TGIFHa!!  Welcome Friday!!  Welcome coffee!  Mmmm.... I have cream and sugar in mine this morning. After getting four kiddledids back on school schedules this week, Friday morning coffee is delicious. If only the quiet calm before they wake up lasted a wee bit longer... *sigh*  I could get up earlier I suppose. Nah!!

I follow Amber @ Down the Rabbit Hole and I blame her for Pinocchio this morning. It's nice to blame someone. This is the one tale that's grounded in Disney for me, I suppose, and there's something about Bullies and Lying... just rubs me backwards.

1. Grrrr

2. Wow...

3. Mad Scientist - nice!


4. Eerie... I hate bullies!!

5. Brave

6. Lonely

7. Sad

8. Friend

9. Daring

Amber found some amazing pictures this week. CHECK 'EM OUT!!

My heart yearns for something with Pinocchio, darn it. I guess I dream about the impossible, too. We have that in common. Which picture do you like best?

My pix are pulled off Pinterest.


  1. I just love seeing the various styles - all the art is fantastic (thank you for sharing) <3

    My TWO favorites lol, are (3) The Mad Scientist and (5) Brave! :)

  2. I love the images! Especially from 4 onwards. And one from Once Upon a Time!! <3 <3

    I really enjoy these posts!

  3. These are wonderful and you make a good point about Pinocchio's journey with bullies. I think all the pictures you found were awesome but "sad" makes me feel the most. I feel the loneliness and longing dripping out of that photo. Beautiful!

    1. "Hate" is a strong word, I suppose... but I take it very seriously with my own boys, making sure they don't bully their siblings or anyone else. It's a big deal in school. Bullies have power in numbers. I guess "hate" sort of reflects the strength of my feelings. Not the individual, though... the mob-personality of it, definitely.

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