Thursday, October 4, 2012



I feel like I totally WON a prize! Parajunkee has listed step-by-step instructions on how to add those lil' button-thing-amies!!  I'm totally gonna DO IT!!

When I find my brain.

I left it somewhere. It feels lodged behind Too Many Kids In Sports. There should be a rule about how many kids can sign up for sports in one family... three is too much unless nobody has homework. And everyone has homework.

There is race after school to see how quickly we can spread peanut butter on various edible things while changing for practice or a game. Inevitably I panic and run around in circles shouting "water bottles! Don't forget your water!" Every night one kid tries to get away with not bringing water and drinking mine. *eye roll* And another kid plays "innocent" in hopes I'll fill his water bottle for him. Wonder how many times I have unbeknownst to me? That kid has skills, I tell ya... skills!

Tonight I forgot some gear back at the house, so I got to make an extra trip back home in the middle of delivering everyone.

I try to stuff homework in there before sports. I try to stuff it in between sports and Mine Craft - which is obscenely high on everyone's "To-Do" list around here. Then I try to wake everyone up early to stuff homework into their mornings.

You can find me parroting math tables in weird sing-songy voices. Or following people around with notebooks and pencils. Oh... there's sharp pencils everywhere. I have buckets of sharpened pencils at four different locations that we might find ourselves doing something.

I'm not making sense.

I'm also not blogging even HALF as much as I wanted to. I mean... Saturday will be ONE YEAR!!  But since June, my life has been a tumble of scrambling around to find time. Like... 1800 of my followers are from the first 9 months of blogging. When I was blogging!  If you've been wondering where I went... well... ME, TOO!!  jajajajajajaja


I may be blogging by the tippy ends of my fingers... eeking in odd minutes at 10:30pm when everyone ought to be asleep already so I can wake 'em up early to catch up on whatever we didn't get to today... but I'm still here.

Seriously... what would I do without books? (That's rhetorical. Don't answer.)

I'm reading Sierra by Taylor Dean and I came to this unsuspected tender moment all of a sudden while huddled on the soccer field in two coats and a hat, shivering but reading. It caught me off guard and I burst into tears right in front of the coach. He wasn't paying attention to me, of course, and no other moms were braving the chill winds, so I got away with another awesome reading moment. *sigh*

I can't wait to read some more... so I'll be up even earlier than the kiddledids. If I go to bed.

This post has nothing to do with anything much... except... sorry for not writing more often or more interesting. Especially this week, of all weeks. Maybe I'll finally get those cute buttons, though... wouldn't that be awesome?!