Saturday, October 6, 2012

Bloggiversary - Burgundy-Burgandy

Hey... so TODAY is one year bloggin'!


I'm so seriously not even started with celebrating. I think I'll put of the party 'til I gather all my supplies and throw a whoppin' one. You can't rush this sort of thing... and I'll be runnin' around watching sports all day again today, being the awesome Mom I attempt to be with abandoned enthusiasm. So... the Partay will have to wait for me to gather my wits, etc.

I will share Why Burgandy?

I mean, who aspires to be a writer and yet spells their name wrong? ME!!

My uncooperativeness has roots in Linguistics. I have opinions about different sounds and different languages and the English I speak in the Northwest is pathetically lazy. Please pause and notice how many words contain "uh". Phonetically, we write the sound with an upside down "e" - and when you write phonetically... you see this dumb upside down "e" all over the place.

I don't like this "e".

It threatens to take over all the other beautiful sounds and mush 'em into one, lazy, ugly... "DUH!"

This must be stopped!!  Sounds must be preserved!!!

Follow my logic, now...

Which letter most often represents this "uh" in our language?  Mhm... "u".

"U" is not innocent.  It has a beautiful enough ring to it, but it's lazier than any other letter and sluffs off to an "uh" more often than any other letter (although no vowel is completely above reproach.)

Whenever a "u" is pronounced "uh" I rebel.

Take the name of my town, for example.

When I first moved to Damascus... I spelled it Damascas... because... "-cus"?  Paleeeeeeze!!!!!!!  It's like claiming that "uh" sound purposefully!!  Seriously... who would do that?!  It makes you want to clear your throat and spit.

So, I ask you... what was I going to do with my name?  I love "Burgundy Ice" but it has... TWO U'S!!!!  Two. Not one... TWO.  The first "u" gets lost in the "r", but that second "u" is AAAAALLLLL "uh". *spits*

The only answer to such atrocities is to change the spelling of the word.


I'm not the only one who decided this. The other Stand-Out World-Changer is a rapper in LA, which is good company as far as I'm concerned. (I'm not sure he feels the same way. I have never asked.)

So, now you know.  Every time you Google the correct spelling of my name, you are making a stand against the upside down "e" taking over the English language.

There is a small chance that most of this was subconscious. *ahem* Possibly by the time I started blogging, I'd already been spelling my name correctly (to the astonishment of good spellers everywhere) for years, so I didn't even consider spellchecking it. Maybe. *cough*spit*smile*

Alyce @ At Home with Books hosts Saturday Snapshot. Most of these pix are from my Burgundy Ice rose that my honey gave me for Valentines - that is surviving despite me. :-)