Monday, October 15, 2012

Fall into Fantasy - Swag Packs!

I have been to Wordstock and returned bearing treasures... fantastical treasure from some great authors. I have THREE swag prize packs for this giveaway. Since I'm fangirling over Kimberly Derting, I'll spread the love. The other stuff is absolutely delicious, too....

The Soul Savers are "Corndog Flavor". They come from Martha Brockenbrough and her new book Devine Intervention... along with "the angel made me do it" buttons and signed bookmarks with stamps of "admittance to heaven". Hilarious. 

One winner will receive the postcard signed by Jeanne Ryan for her new release, Nerve - just in time for Halloween!! 

Bonus: Two signed bookmarks from Sean Beaudoin for his book Going Nowhere Faster. He just released The Infects, which I got to hear him read from. Creepy zombie book delivered in suspenseful humor. Gave me goosebumps!!

The bookmarks from Kimberly Derting's new releases are all signed. The bracelet says The Last Echo, too. Saweeeet!!

Here are the prize packs. You can let me know which you prefer first, although you're entering for all three packs by entering my giveaway. There will be three winners!!

Fantastical Swag Pack #1

Fantastical Swag Pack #2

Fantastical Swag Pack #3

I have an awesome question for you...

Halloween is just around the corner & it's time to start thinking about what you'll dress up as. I'm leaning towards "Mom in Apron" in reality. *cough* But in my imagination I'm thinking of hot pirate with mad sword skills. I'm not picky whether you give me a real answer or not. (PG) Pictures will be posted.

What are you going to be for Halloween?

This is an international giveaway (unless you live on the moon.) Must be 13 to enter and have a valid, deliverable mailing address. See my rules small print under the About tab.

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