Friday, November 2, 2012

Prism Blog Tours... and Chattiness

Vintage background with flowers, bird and girl reading book. Stock Photo
Today I created Prism Blog Tours.

I should've been writing my book for NaNoWriMo... or posting some cool posts:  a review maybe?  Seeds of War? Bloodlines? *sigh* Faerytale Fridays?! Nope. I researched other Blog Tours to set out some details. There's plenty of wonderful Tour blogs out there... I enjoy posting with more than a few, myself!  So, what makes me think there's room for me? Am I am ready for this?!


As if I ever wait to be ready. You never can be totally ready for anything.

I'm going to gather -n- share all the delicious details I love to add in my own posts. I'm going to roll out the red carpet for my tour blogs. It's going to be fun in a chatty-community sort of way plus we'll meet so many fun authors and books together. I can't wait!!

I'm chatty sometimes. Anyone who's ever emailed me might have noticed that. *ahem* Twitter is a bit of a stretch for me... limiting myself to a hundred odd letters. Such an itty-bitty space!

But this? This is gonna be totally AWESOME!  If you're reading this and you are already IN-LIKE-FLINN you can shoot me an email (be prepared to be chatty) & you'll zip to the tippy top of my notification list for great books to tour with.

I suppose "blog tour" implies bloggers, hey? But there's room for reviewers on Goodreads, too. No worries. I'm nothin' if not creative.