Thursday, December 20, 2012

Mid-Winter's Eve - Visit with Marissa Meyer!

It's a mid-winter celebration, the beginning of a new cycle of the Aztec Calendar. Whatever that means. Well, we're up for it. Grab a cup of coffee or hot chocolate, maybe a couple of cookies, and pull up a chair. Marissa Meyer's in the house!
for hosting this awesome blog hop.

Marissa, I just want to say Thank You for stopping by over Christmas!! What a delight. Seriously. I think I speak for lots of us when I say we are excited about Scarlet coming out on February 5th. I kinda knew about some similarites with Red Riding Hood, but reading The Queens Army was a real eye-opener. Your wolves are so unique... rather like the world we first glimpsed in Cinder...

I love the world you have created and I'm curious what came first? Luna? Futuristic earth? A specific character? What started it all?!


Hmm, it's hard to pinpoint one specific thing, as a lot of elements of these books have fed into each other as I brainstormed and plotted out the stories. But the very, very first inkling I had of writing futuristic fairy-tales was actually back when I was writing Sailor Moon fanfiction (which I did for many years). I had written a short story that gave a science-fiction twist to the fairy tale "Puss in Boots." That story also featured a lost princess from the moon (a la the Sailor Moon storyline, for anyone who's familiar with that). That small seed of an idea eventually morphed into Cinder and the Lunar Chronicles. So I guess the very first thing was the concept of a kingdom on the moon who had lost their princess.

Oh... so we're just getting started with Cinder's story! Can I ask Why do your books... sorry. Next time.

What is your favorite scene in Scarlet?  Or what scene did you most enjoy writing?

I can't give away too much, because my favorite scene takes place pretty far into the book and contains mass amounts of spoilers, but I will say that it involves kissing, and I swooned a great deal when I wrote it. 

Ok... I feel like giggling. I can't wait to find this scene!!

Please share something personal!!  Weirdest fan mail?

Ha! So far I've found that "fans" tend to see themselves as much weirder than I see them. I grew up in the world of fandom (sci-fi cons and anime clubs and cosplay, oh my!), so it would take a lot to scare me. I'm a geek at heart and still fangirl over so many things myself, so the idea that there are people out there who might fangirl (or fanboy) over MY books and MY characters is too awesome for words. I just want to hug them all.

Ah. So that's why you took my slobbery message so well. Huh. Well... we're all fan-person-ing over your books & characters around here!! Hugs all 'round!

Thanks so much for the interview, Laura!

Thanks for coming. We'll put our heads together and come up with some more fun questions for another day. It's been a real pleasure, Marissa!!

Before you leave, make sure you get a chance to read both of Marissa's short stories. They're free to read right on or download the eBooks at great prices. 

Glitches  The Queen’s Army

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Thank you for coming! Merry Christmas!!!