Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Cast of Stones Mid-Tour Update...

Have you seen this tour, yet?!  I'm lovin' the Guest Posts & Reviews... 

Here's some quotes from the fun so far, just in case you missed one...

1/23 - Backing Books - Herbwomen
      the herbwomen were the seeds of a reformation      
1/24 – Christian Novels – Review – World
"I elected to use a setting I knew very well: Rock Island State Park in Tennessee. It’s a beautiful place with waterfalls and lush hills and rugged terrain".
1/25 – I Am a Reader, Not a Writer – Readers
If I didn’t come up with some kind of limitation, I was going to have a book filled with the equivalent of a bunch of super-wizards

1/27 – Reads to Reels – Watchmen
Why do the men of the watch wear black? How come none of them have last names?
1/28 – LDS & Lovin’ It - Clergy
I decided to name the collection of benefices the judica. In Latin, judica means judge. So the catch phrase of the benefices became “Judica me Deas” which would be the equivalent of “Judge me, O Lord.”
1/29 – Proud Book Nerd - World
I am very much interested to see where this series is going, and will be eagerly waiting for Book 2, The Hero’s Lot.
1/30 – Open the Page - Herbwomen
we find that the herbwomen had perhaps the biggest secret of all
1/31 – Wonderings of One Person – Review - Readers
Errol became my Luke Skywalker and I needed to come up with an Obi-wan Kenobi.

2/3 – Simple Wyrdings - Watchmen
I really really liked this book!
2/4 – Bookworm Lisa – Review – Clergy
This book is very well written and appealing.
2/5 – Passion & Life – Readers
This is probably one of my favorite excerpts from the entire series. It was so much fun to write.
2/6 – Kari’s Crowded Bookshelf – Review Herbwomen
I like how the whole book had a very medieval feel to it... I couldn't put it down.
2/7 – Coffee, Books & Me - Readers
2/8 – Backing Books – Review – World

2/10 – Letters to the Cosmos - Watchmen
2/11 – Jill Williamson – Review – Clergy
2/12 – ADD Librarian Herbwomen
2/13 – Worthy 2 Read – Review - Watchmen
2/14 – Hey, Tara! - World
2/15 – Pieces of Whimsy – Review - Readers
2/17 – CTF Devourer – Review – Clergy
2/18 – Pause Time - Readers
2/19 – A Backwards Story – Review – World
2/19 - Christy’s Cozy Corner – Herbwomen
2/20 – Min Reads & Reviews – Review Watchmen
2/21 – FINALE BLAST, Winner announced

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