Friday, July 26, 2013

Go Cart Part 2 - All the Little Pieces - Primer! Cool Man's Garage

The T-Bucket Go-Cart is coming together!!  

After sanding it, Cool, Man fixed all the holes and rips and stuff with fiberglass... 'cause it's a lil' fiberglass thingame. (Technical Term.)

He used a high-build primer to fill in all the minor blemishes and then sanded it again. 

:-)  Fun stuff!  (Not really)

This cream color is the real deal. The blue is my camera shadow color.

I didn't take a pic of the frame/motor before, so here's the innards for you:

Thrilling, no?  Lol. The motor works great. The frame is really simple. The body just bolts on without much pizzazz.

I had mentioned the "tin can headlights" before... here they are, painted in chrome color, in case we were going to use 'em. They're ok... especially if we were turning this into a rat rod style (an enticing idea!)  We're not, however. This baby's goin' glossy-fine. In the background of this picture, you can see a hint of the lights we want to use...

What about a grill, huh?

Above is the old, lil' grill painted in chrome. It's ok..... but it would be cool to have a REAL grill, or something that LOOKED like a real grill. Cool, Man came upon this... uh... BBQ grill while he was out-n-about and his creative wheels started turnin'...  (to be continued!)

The old wheels have a couple layers of paint on 'em fading to a funky pink. Like... spilt pepto, or something. We have been searching for replacement wheels - either a couple more of these or a couple more wheels with spokes, but we'll be using two of each, like we got 'em. These won't remain in this color, though, so take a gander quick:

We're attempting to finish this by the Cruise-In. (And when I say "we" I mean my Cool, Man. Lol.) There is a Go Cart class that has gone un-challenged for years and this year... we are bringing a sweet lil' ride!


To be continued....

If you missed Part I, go HERE. (Rare shots of my big boys!)