Friday, July 19, 2013

Grand Finale! See the entire Dragonwitch tour featuring Anne Elisabeth Stengl

Tour Grand Finale

Paperback, 432 pages
Published July 1, 2013 by Bethany House Publishers

Dragonwitch (Tales of Goldstone Wood #5)


Pull up a chair and a cup of tea... Anne Elisabeth visited every blog on the tour!



1 – Book Release!
- Kelly P's Blog

Announcing the new release next spring!

2 –  The Writer’s Window - "Agape" Fan Art!
This epic tale unfolds before our eyes an impossible love story. (Original fan art!)
3 – The Other World
I loved learning that Anne Elisabeth was a pet person, and reading about her cats and dog on Minerva Louise's blog ( always brings a smile to my face. 
4 – Mel’sShelves
I've heard good things about this series and wanted to read it so what better way than to jump in on book 5? I see why people rave about these books
5 – JL Mbewe
I loved how the story kept us guessing as who was the “bad guy”. I love being able to gather the clues and make guesses about the plot or characters, whether I’m right or proven wrong in the end. And even better when it has such a beautiful ending to wrap it all up nicely. It is a book to be read again and again

8 – GettingYour Read On
 Each character seemed to have a journey both of self discovery and of knowledge. 
-          Christy’s Cozy Corner
"Notice the thorns reaching out to her from the bottom of the page. Those of you who have read Dragonwitch might be able to guess from where those thorns are coming . . ."
9 – BookwormLisa
The artwork on the cover...

- CTF Devourer
 The heroes of this story are weak, pathetic, pitiful characters. They aren’t the strong powerful champions. But it is in their weakness, their knowing that they can not do this on their own, that the strength comes.
10 – Jojo’sCorner mesmerizing as it is mysterious.
11 – LDS& Lovin’ It
Just when I think I know where the story is going, she throws in the unexpected and yet it all manages to make sense.
"I think part of the love I feel for Dragonwitch is due to the struggle this novel was to write. This was the hardest novel I have ever produced..."
14 – Mommasez…
I would give this series ten out of five stars, lol, because of the creativity, tight plot, action, action, action, and amazing characters. 
15 – Dee’sReads
The "evil" characters weren't truly evil, they were just responding to heartbreak and disappointment. The imagery was amazing.
16 – That Girl Reads
If Dragonwitch was turned into a movie what actors would you like to see play the main characters?
1.) 2.)
3.) 4.)
5.) 6.)

17 – Living a Goddess Life
I would recommend Dragonwitch to anyone who has read any of her other novels, fans of medieval-esque fantasy, fans of the 'good' vs 'evil' grey areas, and those who enjoy cats. Because, truly, Eanrin is FABULOUS.
18 – Cu’sEbook Giveaways
 I’ve had a few funny misprints in manuscripts-in-progress...
 - Shannon's Blog
The prose  is tremendous – beautiful and evocative; the story twisted unexpectedly, and the characters made good – or, in some cases, at least interesting – company
Final day... Sneak peak at a novella coming this fall!

19 – Grand Finale Blast!

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