Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Viva Labs Coconut Oil - "Climbing Inside a Coconut in the Tropics"

Drum roll please....

I was contacted quite out of the blue to review Viva Labs Coconut Oil. I wondered if maybe they knew I had Health-Crazy relatives?  0.o  Probably not.  Nor were they aware of my... um... country view of healthy products. I figured they were joking, so I said, "sure!"  When this reserved-looking container arrived for my reviewing, I was pleasantly surprised.

Although I haven't products if they're not produced by a writer before, I will review any & every product if they're anything like this one. Please.

My first impression is of climbing inside a fresh coconut. 

My second impression is also of climbing inside a fresh coconut. I don't think I did anything for half an hour of blogging besides stick my nose back inside the container, even though I left it open and the kids wandered out to see what smelled so great. Like I had a new air freshener, or something. Sitting next to the open container was not enough, though, 'cause I was instantly addicted to sticking my nose inside and inhaling deeply. OMG.  It smells better than a coconut at the store... it's like a coconut IN the tropics.

My healthy relative dropped in and was instantly envious (of which I took advantage, of course.) She suggested that I use a couple tablespoons in the smoothies I make for the kids. That the coconut oil would be perfect for adding creaminess to raw food smoothies or ice cream. I pointed out that although it smelled like tropical heaven, there was no taste to the oil. She said that was good. Then she made sure it was organic and cold pressed and was surprised that it recommended cooking with it.  (She's a fan of raw.)

So I thought about what I could fry up with it.  :-D

I make waffles on weekends for my family and they always want crispy ones, but I hate slathering oil on my waffle-maker and butter... it's tasty, but doesn't make crispy waffles. The coconut oil is my new fav thing to make waffles with. Just takes a bit and makes perfect waffles every time.

Yea, that's probably not what the person who contacted me had in mind as a "review", but it's real. Waffles and smoothies.  Great raw, great cooked... shiny in the hair (it said "skin & hair care", so hey, we tried it!) but my favorite is how heavenly it smells.

5 Stars.  Or 5.5 Stars, 'cause it requires instant repeating!