Friday, September 19, 2014

Once Upon a Time... Meanderings

There's a time to prepare for a "day" by preparing speeches and then there's a time when thoughts just go 'round in circles. You totally know what I mean...
You gotta tell so -n- something but it's important to get it right otherwise they'll take it wrong and you can barely wrap yer head around "it" anyway, 'cause yer borderline TICKED and so you gotta say it right... and it's important...
Just shoot me now.

(Not really. That was for dramatics.)

The best defense to circular thoughts, otherwise known as "worry" (but who's wants labels?) is a good story. Book. Grab a book. Dive into someone else's life, let your crazy mind chew on their issues for awhile.

If you're very good at this, or if you find a very, very good book, you might distract yourself so thoroughly that you elbow out some wiggle room for a fresh perspective to the stupid THING you can't avoid no matter how much running away looks like a viable option. In such cases, getting lost into a good book so thoroughly is refreshing. If that book makes me laugh out loud one minute while freaking me out the next, even better.

This morning I was so "good" at the distraction that I missed my stop. I glanced up from my awesome reading device (otherwise known as a cell phone, which is a joke since the device is clearly an entertainment center and has very little to do with making and receiving calls at all) to see a strange landscape. For a second, I glanced longingly at my book. But then logic took over. If I didn't leap out of the train before the doors closed, it would take that much longer to figure out how far away I was from my stop.

Well. *shrug*  My thoughts were in another world and the most I could immediately manage was the very basics.

The weather was beautiful, for Oregon, and the fresh morning air pumped me full of this... confidence for the day. Like, "Yeah! I can do this!" I totally forgot I was backtracking down the train tracks and strutted like I always took an extra long route to work. To increase my step count. Or something.

I passed this group of enthusiastic iphone line-standers also enjoying the morning like they had a plan.

You can tell how quickly I was walking by how fuzzy the picture is. Or... maybe how nervous I was about a bunch of bored people noticing I was taking a picture of them.

I discovered, eventually, that I only missed my stop by two, which wasn't bad considering how successful I was.

You're curious what I'm reading, no doubt.  I have this love for Charming and now (a preview of) Daring. I'm not sure I can recommend them to all my followers since the grit turns into horror with a minor slip in splattered brains. Oh... sorry.  It's so gross. So gross I can't look away. Or so sensual I can't look away. Or soooo flippin' funny I *snort* OUT LOUD in public transportation, which is embarrassing, believe me. Or... so tender and transparent I hold the words close to my heart and just *breathe* for a few minutes. I guess I love the snarky humor and the sensitive rawness of the story. I haven't gone all fan-crazy over an author in a long time, but I can't help it. I'm in awe of Elliott James' writing. *sigh*

Charming (Pax Arcana, #1)  Daring (Pax Arcana, #2)
(The covers are linked to Goodreads.)

I'm not sure if I was going to start reviewing these titles next or where my thoughts were headed, but now they're getting sucked into HOMEWORK. Yep. 5th grade lit and 4th grade snacks. "I don't know where the orange-juicer thingame is if it's not where it's supposed to be."  I'm getting help putting the dishes away nowadays, so it's anybody's guess where stuff is. Speaking of... I think I started loading the washing machine for the standard 8-load excitement I tackle every weekend. Getting a jump on it Friday night is a Good Idea since I'm hoping to see near relatives on Sunday and, as everyone knows, it's tricky to do laundry AND visit over tea. Or BBQ. Or whatever it is we're doing. I nearly set the side of the house on fire last time I lit the BBQ from grilling up those frozen burgers loaded with 12% grease, or whatever they claim. The drippings light up real good.

I would go back to the idea of preppin' for a decent Friday, but then this wouldn't be "meandering" thoughts as someone thoughtfully pointed out. "Meandering" implies not arriving back at the beginning, which is really hard for me to do. I like full circles.

:-)  Did you catch that? I cheated. I wrapped up my meanders.

Fires are not funny, even though I threw it in there like it was/is. There's a forest fire that's not too far away (Estacada!) and we haven't had enough rain around here, yet. All our greenery is rather dry and brittle and begging for our normal rainfall. Now you know... Oregonians like rain. Some.

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  1. Meanderings. Interesting. I shall reload my life & see things this way, because I just brought one book with me to Germany & I've been so busy AND worried about stuff I haven't had tame to read it.
    Very interesting, you got me thinking! Also, sorry on the bus. That almost happens to me every day.


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