Monday, February 2, 2015

Quick Review: Firebug by Lish McBride

Firebug (Firebug, #1)

by Lish McBride

Click on the link above or the book cover to go to Goodreads and read the info on the book. This is my quickie review.

This book drove me nuts. The end.


Loved:  The snarky humor. There's a bucket-load of attitude on every page. I'm a huge fan of snark and humor when it supports the story.

Hated:  The snarkiness starts to feel like info-dump since every opportunity is used to repeat each moment or thought or attitude from three snarky points of view.

Conclusion:  This is the main reason that I almost put the book down. I waffled between loving the book and being irritated with it and irritation nearly won.

Plot:  The storyline "bones" are great. I love the world-building. I didn't feel like it was just another story with supernatural creatures in it even though there were vampires, etc. The Coterie were wonderfully creepy with that she-devil, Venu, at the center. I enjoyed hating her with the main character.

Characters:  Ava was fun. Most of the snark came from her. I thought she had a good balance of attitude and go-get-em with a believable level of growing into confidence.

Ezra totally rocked. I'd love to see a story with him in the center. Reminded me of Adrian in the Bloodlines series... well, the part where he's totally hot and totally knows it and uses it to his advantage without apologies. He's a were-fox and he made all were-foxes cool instead of lame.

Lock was the biggest disappointment for me. I wanted to like him so badly, but I couldn't quite connect the dots regarding him. He's described a few times as a "hipster" which didn't complete the picture in my head. I don't have an automatic "hipster" look in my head... like, when did he lose his mustache? Did he have spikey blond hair or long dark locks that fell over his eyes?  Was he tall and gangly or defined and hot?  Was he a father-figure or a boyfriend?!?!  Argh!!  He was a bucket load of contradictions including being the rock of the trio until he, oppositely, lost his backbone and turned into a fit-throwing wuss and split.

The supporting cast was loaded with characters that were well-defined and believable. The beginning is lot to swallow since so many of them show up all at once, but they all play minor and very important rolls to the story. They create a desire to keep reading the series, actually, they're that great.

I won't, however. I'm going to finish the story the way I want it in my own imagination and just pretend I read the rest of the series. This was 3 stars for me and I don't have enough reading time to give Lock & Ava a chance to figure things out. Although working with Alistair (great side-character!!) sounds very entertaining.