Thursday, February 4, 2016

Chains of Water and Stone by @KHurleyBooks my review

Chains of Water and Stone (The Griever's Mark #2)

Chains of Water and Stone
by Katherine Hurley

This transitional book actually caused me pain. Don't read this review if you haven't read the first book since there are some spoilers that cannot be helped.

Belos, as I have already celebrated in my review of The Griever's Mark, is the awfullest breathing being I've read about in some time. He out-does himself when he gets his hands on Logan, who I also mentioned is/was emotionally unstable already.  At this point, I'm questioning Belos' intelligence. It's possible he's just a maniac with a death-wish. And I am certain I don't like torture in general and I detest it in detailed specifics. So... much of this book went beyond gritty for me into the realm of feeling like there was blood stuck to my hands as I read it.

Ok... that's dramatic, isn't it?  Well, it was much too realistic and I really got into the whole thing and it was NOT pleasant.

Astarti felt trapped in this second book instead of competent. The story pulls away from her mind to welcome Logan's POV, as well, and I resisted. Old-school sci-fi fantasies were delivered in 3rd person and I grudgingly resigned myself to accepting the familiar distance.  It was frustrating, though, since the two characters go through so much and their emotions swing on a huge pendulous as they adjust to their growing relationship.

This book is really two stories in one... there's a big break in the middle where I found some relief before launching into part 2. But mostly I wanted to deny a lot of this book as "wrong". Torture leads to issues and the action doesn't pause long enough for anyone to find healing. Questions are raised regarding fathers for both of them and no answers are neat -n- tidy.

And please, what is Astarti doing at Logan's feet on the cover?

I suppose Logan took the stage in this volume, but I still got most of my info from Astarti and was, frankly, frustrated. I wanted MORE inside their head and emotions, which I had before. I also wanted the answers they were searching hard for and I began to wonder if the hope I was grasping for was too HEA for this series.

I'm pretty sure I gave this book 4 stars because I didn't want to eat or sleep or take any breaks while reading it, which is fantastic. But... how frustrating!!  So many things are held just out of grasp. There are too many secrets, either to protect or evade or just due to plain ignorance. Thank goodness book #3 was out before I read this one.  Hello!!! Can you imagine?  If you love the first book, definitely read this one. But have the final at your fingertips, too, and just clear your reading schedule 'til you get through all of 'em.