Sunday, March 13, 2016

Blogging Product Review: Symphony #Crosspost #Awesomeness

I am pretty sure I found Symphony by Googling the internet, looking for an alternative way for my blog posts to automatically go up on my Facebook page for Burgandy Ice.  The Before-n-After is (painfully & embarrassingly to me) quite obvious:

Before Symphony:  Some reposting, rare posting of my posts and others
After Symphony:  Tons of posts and the pics are the book covers rather than one of my banners from the site (previous irritating issue.)

To be honest, I'm posting this review because they've offered a free year of using Symphony. I tried it out knowing I may have to pay something after a month. It was worth it to me to find an effective way to revive my dying FB page.

I mean, since starting to work FT 2.5 yrs ago, I just don't have time to make fancy posts, you know? I can't do the "right" thing and share my own stuff with a witty comment.  Sorry.


If I can spend my few spare minutes promoting an awesome book here, on my blog, and have it post to my other social media, well...... YEAH!!!  :-D

So I'm already sold on the idea. And for Facebook, especially, Symphony rocks.

But wait, there's more!!


The lil' sidebanner thing so you can share my post on any of your social media was super-easy to add. I embedded the code in one of my side-banner thingames and followed the super-easy directions from Symphony and WHAM! Cute side thingame.

I've tried side-thingames before. Sometimes they take awhile to set up and they always fade away for unknown reasons. I'm not a whiz with blogging html stuff and obviously I use blogger, but it seems like if you want something to work, it should work.  So.

Then there's the way you can hover over any pix and re-post to Pinterest!!  :-D  And everywhere else. Honestly, I feel like I should say "you're welcome" for figuring that out, although the directions from Symphony were super-easy.

Symphony asked for an honest review... and honestly, I've spent a total of 15-20 mins setting up a few things and THEY WORK. It didn't take forever and it was easy to follow the directions. Without being overly mushy, they didn't steal all my time and I accomplished what I wanted, too, so SYMPHONY ROCKS.

Will my FB come alive again?  I only got 2 new likes this week... help me out, here!  Unless you follow my blog b/c obviously... I'm just reposting the same content. *snort*  Hey, at least I'm "alive" on the interweb!!

If you're interested, here's the scoop:

I've been using Symphony Tools to manage my social media accounts and I really like it.  Give it a try.