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Mind of Mine
By C. F. E. Black
Young Adult SciFi
Paperback & ebook, 302 Pages
August 7th 2019 by Illuminate YA

Raised to put science over self, V must link her brain with fifteen other people, making her one of the world’s smartest humans. With this privilege comes a life dedicated to continual research inside a secluded facility, a life devoid of freedom.

But V is losing her identity and unable to predict which face will peer back at her from the nearest mirror. Escaping this life will mean freedom to think for herself—and abandoning everything and everyone she’s known and loved.

When your thoughts and speech are no longer private, freedom comes at a price. But for V the price may be her life.


Someone shuts the chamber doors and the lights above us dim. A man in a charcoal suit emerges from beneath us into a shaft of light on the stage. The Director. Daddy, as I like to call him. My teeth grind against each other.
“Thank you, Order members, for coming to this impromptu meeting.”
Like we had a choice.
“I have called you here to relate some crucial new information. The faculty Senate met during dinner, as you know, and we have made an amendment to our Codex, which we will send to your tablets after the conclusion of this meeting.” A noticeable ruffle in the audience. “It is now no longer appropriate to stream simultaneously with anyone outside of full-Order streams. We see that this creates room for an imbalance in memory representation among Order members. To whom much is given …”
“… Much is expected.” Each voice lifts the phrase into the air. The meeting is over, just like that.
I steal a glance at Marcus. His elbows rest on his knees, his eyes study the floor. Inside of me, things are bursting and flaming and whizzing and churning. I want to scratch something, rip something, or bite something. So they have found a way to bleach me bland again, suck the color out of me that Marcus adds. I snap my teeth together a few times, the noise lost in the general hum of whispered reactions. Daddy is gone, disappeared again beneath us.
Maxima is moving beside me, standing. I rise and follow, clenching my fists and biting my lips, an addict who knows her drug has just been stolen.

About the Author

If you're a teen, I work for you.
I write for you. I teach for you.

Seven days a week I seek to shine light into the world-darkened lives of young people, whether it be in a high school Spanish class, a youth group Sunday school class, or a coffee shop with my computer writing my next book.

I want my writing to be a bright spot on a dark shelf, a source of truth among many lies. You guys deserve books like this.

I live in north Alabama with my son, two droopy hound dogs, a cat named Sprinkles, and my superhero husband. No, really, he saved my life once. It's a cool story.

If you want to know more about me, my writing, or my escapades as a teacher, please visit my blog.

Mind of Mine is my first novel.

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