Sunday, October 23, 2011

IMM - Books 4 The Boys

I have this (apparently) odd thing about READING the books I pick up. I hear of TBR piles that fill corners, loaded with delicious titles, and seriously...  I CAN'T DO IT!!  It's a panic-thing. If I don't read a book after planning on it for more than a few weeks, it just ain't gonna happen. I know I'm not alone on this... I have read a lot about books getting lost in To Be Read piles.

My TBR's are on my Wishlists.  Nice, gorgeous, long, enticing Wishlists. I run virtual fingers over the virtual bindings at least every other day, inhaling deeply the scent of Books, which is never far from memory. (We should have a scent spray for that, you know? Or a candle, 'new book' and 'classic' - I would alternate between 'em.)

Enough with Confessions.

For In My Mailbox hosted by Story Siren this week, I have Books 4 The Boys. I have a mid-schooler (Dash) who is a VERY reluctant reader despite (or because of) being enthusiastically introduced to reading since he was 3 days old. And I have a 5th grader (Bear) who suddenly discovered the Warrior Cat series with a vigor that matches my own (much to dad/husband's well-concealed concern. He monitors my interaction with The Real World, which is very helpful, if not always appreciated. But I said no more Confessions, didn't I?)

I showed Bear how to reserve books at the library this week. So his new arrivals are...

He's so excited to read these that he's flying through The Darkest Hour giving me play-by-play as he goes. :-D

Dash picked up Hugo Cabret at school and is reading Nuts (almost purely because of all the joke possibilities in the name, although he thinks squirrels are funny, too, and saves/rescues everything.)  And I picked him up Stormbreaker.

I had this Ah-Ha! moment at the library and got this incredible book with grandiose ideas of reading outloud to all four Hooligans.

I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this book. I haven't read it for so many years, it's perfect for a re-read-and-review, should I actually accomplish said ideas.

And now I shall go DROOL over everyone else's IMM's. *sigh*  I love books!!!


  1. I love the idea of a new scent book fragrance!!

    Great books this week :D

  2. Great haul for your boys! I didn't like reading at that age, but I definitely do now. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Lots of interesting books this week. I adore The Invention of Hugo Cabret and hopefully your son does too. Happy Reading!

  4. I wish my OCD-ness focused on reading every book I owned RIGHT WHEN I GOT IT. Mind passing some of that self-discipline around? XD

    Happy reading! :)

    (New Follower)

  5. Thanks for stopping by my IMM. :) You got a good haul. I've never read the Warriors series, but I love the covers.

  6. I really liked Stormbreaker when I was younger. That is a pretty good haul. thanks for stopping by my IMM

  7. I've never read any of these. That's great that the kids are reading books that aren't only school related.


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