Monday, October 24, 2011

What a Great Monday!

Mastiff by author Tammy Pierce is going to be released tomorrow!!!

You lucky dogs in Seattle, WA get the first two days of her tour. Way cool for you!!

I'm currently reading Terrier and really enjoying it. Becka is such a great character, so shy and yet so full of conviction. I love how she talks with the pigeons and dust whirls. She can do a lot with that stick, too.

I love it when a New Release comes out just when I'm reading the previous books in the series. Pierce really went out of her way to coordinate with me, and believe me, I'm not ignorant of it! It takes a long time for books to go through the publishing process, so that is some pre-cognitive planning on her part. I mean, I could have started the series just before her new release on purpose, but honestly, I wasn't paying attention.

I'll post my review on Terrier later this week. I should finish the book first.

And Bloodhound.  ...And Mastiff!!!

PS  The Spooctacular Giveaway started at midnight. Someone could win Mastiff!

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