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FF & Social Hop - Blogging Resolutions!!

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Q: The New Year is here — and everyone wants to know your New Years Blogging Resolution! What are you going to try to revise, revamp and redo for 2012 on your blog?

Where to begin?!

I want to do it all... which is crazy b/c I also want to prioritize my time better so the house stays clean and folks around here can eat and I don't turn bright red when asked, "did you blog ALL day?!"

Isn't that the problem with Resolutions?  They're virtual set-ups for failing?!?!

Still, I can't help but plan....     muahahahahaha.....

I'm gathering together a list of Challenges because the thought of reading along with other people is... HEAVENLY!!!  That's the best part about blogging!  And I think there might be a thing as "too many" and I think I passed it awhile ago, so I hereby resolve to not complete ALL the challenges I'm entering.

I like Giveaways... there's something hugely satisfying about giving someone a book they want, it's nestled in between "giving" and "book".

I like blog followers - I hope I get more of 'em in 2012 and I hope I write reviews & stuff worth following.  I know, that's a high resolve and I really mean it, too.

I am reviewing my first ever publisher gifted ARC for review this year, and I hope I double those (1 -> 2 is a reasonable goal, no?)  Regarding all things Publisher-wise, I hope I gain more intelligence, how to promote books better, how to make publishers happy, how to remain true to myself.

I seriously intend to read books I want to read. Obligations thoroughly coat all aspects of my life and I refuse to let that big O creep into my reading, too.  (I'm aware that I'm already contradicting myself - welcome to my world!!  Lol.  [I don't typically think/write/say "lol"... if it would be ok, I'd like to revert to my typical, just-as-stylized "jajajaja" which is laughing in Spanish. Try typing it out, it'll crack you up.])

My biggest Resolution, and the most serious and therefore the hardest to follow through with is Writing. I have books ricocheting around inside my creativity that I want to set free, if only they'd cooperate and lay nicely down on (figurative) paper.  But that's not for my blog, necessarily. If anyone else is doing similar, I'd love to support-share.  (Email me at burgandyice at live dot com!!)

Also not for my blog is the HUGE DIET I'm diving into next week.  Usually my Honey & I diet sporadically and take turns so we can console each other when we cheat (not on purpose, mind you, but successfully, nonetheless.) This time we made a decision months ago and chose this time of year as the Most Likely To Succeed. I've had plenty to time to prepare for the menu and keep an eye out for what needs to exit the house, like all those delicious holiday cookies!!! And... we're going in together. With doctor support.  Double-ugh.

I will probably vent somewhere... I'm thinking of an entire separate blog, even. You know, with my delicious blended meal ideas - I am closely related to very healthy people, so I have access to some stuff I've never taken full advantage of (ie, the kids know Papa likes to eat dandylions and will blend up a yummy shake with their leaves - which the kids actually enjoy. They don't feel squeamish and aren't put off by green liquid. My blends utilize more apple and less weeds, but I'm somewhat open to explore, especially when hungry, I imagine.  Not that I found a diet with dandylions on it specifically, it's just an example of all the treats out there, dormant & unrecognized.)

So... this sounds like a lot. Even for me.  Last year I was wrapping up a failed business and attempting to start a new one, which... may be a shorter list, but intimidates me much more than this, bigger one. No, this list looks downright skippy to me in comparison, fields of wildflowers basking in the sunlight.

What plans do you have for your blog or yourself for 2012?  Hop over to my New Year's Giveaway and enter to win a great book for your answer!!  :-)  If you want... I'm all about doing what you actually want to this year!!!  :-D

Don't forget to pre-order Don't Breathe a Word, too... it's coming out January 3rd!!  (Or try to win a copy!!!)


  1. Great resolutions. I think my biggest goal is to just blog regularly. At my last blog, I hadn't done a post since July. I decided to start fresh with a new blog and a new determination to keep this up. I'm also doing several challenges.

  2. You have a pretty detailed plan! I'd say you're organized already. :)
    New follower.

    Here's our #FF post

    Maja @ The Nocturnal Library

  3. I totally get where you're coming from about wanting to read the books you want to read.

  4. Wow! Good luck with all your goals for 2012! New follower! Here is my FF: Mom Reads My Books

  5. Great idea to take turns with the diet. Great list of goals. Already a GFC follower. Thanks for stopping by.

  6. so many things, good luck for everything!

    thanks for stopping by our blog.

    New follower

  7. Good luck with all your goals! I'm a new follower so I'll be here to witness them all!

  8. Ugh, I have to cut down on my food too! Well, I wish you all the best for the next year and good luck with your resolutions, rock on! Haha...

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, I am a new follower!

    Natasha @ Dreamland Teenage Fantasy

  9. hehe - I do like a good plan, at least you've made the effort and failure is not guaranteed.

    Writing more is one of my resolutions too. Will email you later. :D

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Happy New Year

  10. Hi, Burgandy! Happy New Year! These are all great goals, and I wish you the best as you strive to achieve them!! You've got a great sense of humor, and I have really enjoyed reading this post!

    Here's to GREAT blogging in 2012!!!

    Maria @

  11. Happy New Year! Good Luck with all your goals. Following back


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