Monday, January 30, 2012

Musing Mondays - Next Reads

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  How far along are you in your current read before you start thinking about what you’ll read next?

I have a funny story...

To answer the question, though, I am typically 3/4 way through one book before I start thinking about the next one. A lot.  More so for some books than others.

Goddess Interrupted (Goddess Test, #2)I finished Goddess Interrupted early Sunday morning and started Midnight in Austenland without missing a beat, I had pre-thought a little too much about it, and I was just trying it out.

Interrupted honestly ends mid-action, so it hardly felt like a stopping place, anyway. I'm going to post my review as soon as I can calm my opinions, which are still in a bit of a turmoil over this book. I'm still picturing my hands around Kate's throat throttling her, which is very not-nice considering the ending, especially.

On the other hand, Midnight sucked me in from the prologue... which wasn't action-packed at all, but the writing was so delicious, I couldn't put it down!  I played on Pinterest most of yesterday (when not churching or cleaning or building a cool lego thing with the kids) so I picked up Midnight again, finally, after we'd gone to bed.

This is the funny part.

Cool, Man fell asleep fast 'cause he was up all Saturday night - well, he went to the Swap Meet yesterday for car parts. [Swap Meets are funner than Christmas around here, no joke. On Christmas morning, I was waking everyone up at 6:30am, but yesterday morning, Cool, Man, Dash & Bear were milling around at 4:30am whispering and giggling and giving up trying to sleep altogether.  I went back to bed at 5am and didn't see 'em again 'til they returned after the car parts Swap Meet.]  So... he fell asleep fast and I was being careful not to wake him up, right?  Stealthy reading late at night...
Midnight in Austenland
I came to this passage and it still makes me laugh:
"Yay!" A brightly blonde woman of fifty ran out of the house and down the stairs. "More girls!" 
She spread her arms wide, her enormous bosom shaking violently with the exercise. The woman seemed to be coming in for a hug at full speed, and Charlotte took a step back, sure she would be crushed against the side of the carriage.
AustenlandIf you have read Austenland (or maybe even if not) you'll know this is barely the beginning when the different guests are introduced.

Every guest or servant or host... anyone at all may be part of the charade or paying for a vacation. It's tricky to guess right away.

Midnight in Austenland comes out TOMORROW!!!!!  :-D  (You don't have to read Austenland first, btw. They aren't connected like that, I don't think.)

The funny part (in case you missed it in all my bunny trails) was when I was trying to hard to be quiet, and couldn't stop laughing - and it only got worse the harder I tried to suppress it. In no time, I was shaking the bed and snorting while trying desperately to think of something besides the large-bosomed woman coming in for a hug at full speed - anything else at all - unsuccessfully. *sigh* Chalk another one up under "Reasons Why I love Shannon Hale's Writing"!!

What about you?  When do you think of your Next Read?


  1. I must say, I never give the next book a thought. who knows what I will feel like when I get done with this one?

  2. I like planning my reads for the week....thanks for visiting my blog.

  3. I love Shannon Hale and can't wait to read Midnight. Which I know won't be for awhile, because my reads are all planned out...

    My Musings!

  4. Oh my how have I never read Austenland!? This has just jumped onto my To-Read list just from the little snippet you just mentioned!

    Here's my MM :)

    New follower :)


  5. Oh coo. You read Goddess Interrupted :D I'm almost finished. Oh and I like to plan ahead what I'll read. Though sometimes I find another book or a new release and then the plan changes.


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