Monday, January 30, 2012


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World Book Night 2012

Have you heard about this total AWESOMENESS, YET?!

Did you sign up?!

Here's the link... go to World Book Night to check it out.  There are 30 different books available.  You choose one (preferably that you've read!) and then fill out the registration.  There is a link for UK & Ireland, too.

On April 23rd there will be 50,000 volunteers handing out 20 books each for free to non & reluctant readers everywhere.

I don't know how they'll choose who and where and everything, but I laid awake in bed imagining who all I would give Hunger Games to, if I was given the opportunity.  I would go to the Mid-School here in small-town Oregon and hunt down 12 & 13 year old kids, friends of my very own reluctant reader.

I would talk to his Language Arts teacher, who is one of those amazing people who light up with they talk about books and authors and don't ding 20% off an assignment when it's late because she knows some kids don't want to write and she's teaching LA just to give them all a love of literature... I would talk to her so I didn't miss anyone. And even if I'm not chosen to take part, I want to throw a party on April 23rd!!

The Hunger Games (The Hunger Games, #1)

What book would like pass out to reluctant readers?!?!

Here we are, passing out the LOVE OF BOOKS to Reluctant Readers - That would be a cool SuperPower for the Giveaway Question, wouldn't it?

[Picture courtesy of Clarissa P (Clary) - thx!!]

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