Thursday, January 19, 2012

What in the YA World?!

I pretty much mind my own business... in life, in reading, in reviewing.

When I ran into a big HUFF! over Selection last week, I thought "hmm" and moved on. I did not hurry to Goodreads to blackball or add my opinion to a dreary snowball that was just gettin' warmed up.


I read and reviewed and met some new bloggers and joined Linked In (I'm up to 3 Connections. My email is if you want to be #4!!)

Parajunkie's Book Blogging 101 is one of my favorite weekly posts, so naturally I hopped over to see what she had to teach us this week... and lo and behold (drum roll, please!)

YA Book Reviewing is a hot topic!!

To irreverently summarize, there were some negative reviews on front-runnin' YA books that really ticked off some friends of authors... which resulted in embarrassing author behavior. Then some Book-Reviewer bashing got going (via Twitter) that threw questions at the validity of Goodreads and Amazon reviews and Book Reviewers and the authenticity of the Star System which led to the question... and who is really a Reviewer?

Probably the fallout isn't finished, yet. But the question was raised regarding Book Tours and whether Tours are just to get free books and promote books and are more promotional than Book Reviewing in it's purest form and....


Uh... I'm hosting my first Book Tour tomorrow.

I thought I would just clarify MY opinion to MY blog followers.

A Review is an opinion - a detailed, educated, written opinion, (right?) as well as basic info on what's between the covers that might interest other readers. And everyone has different opinions and people rarely agree completely.

Better yet, let me quote Parajunkie, who quoted the dictionary: states a review:1. a critical article or report, as in a periodical, on a book, play, recital, or the like; critique; evaluation.
Maybe I'm stretching things, but wouldn't people who like to read books be the best authority on what they like? Just saying.

So... I just want to announce, as officially as whatever... that I am a Book Reviewer.

Heck, I am a Book Writer, a Book Reader, a Book Blogger AND a Book Reviewer.  I'm a Mom and a Wife and a Small Business Owner. I'm a Personal Chef for six and some people think I'm a Maid. I'm a 24 hour on-call Nurse, too, who specialized in Croup.

I have happily agreed to a few Author Tours. I researched the book before agreeing to highlight it (and turned a few down.) I requested the book to review on my Tour stop...

...and as always, my Reviews express my own opinion without any consultation with the publisher or author.

I write my reviews immediately after reading in a saved document on my computer (where emotional rantings remain my own). I let the review rest a day or two or five before adding it to my posts. When I publish my post, I copy and paste the exact same review to Goodreads and Amazon (and Barnes & Noble and LibraryThing and maybe NetGalley) and move on to the next.

What about you?  Are you a Book Reviewer?  Did you know about all the Hullaballoo?!  Are you ignoring the clamor and getting on with the great, fun business of Book-Lovin'?  Or are you ranting about the mess? (Leave me a link!)

To get the full scoop, hop over to Parajunkie's post and follow all the links. It's educational.


  1. I'm a book reviewer, too. I am in agreement with you on everything you said in this post. I DO NOT believe in Author Bashing - for any reason, even if I disliked a book, I'm more likely to contact the author privately and, unless I'm required to do so, I won't publicly post a 1 or 2 star review. It's only my opinion, after all, and most likely there are many others who may find the book fascinating. Who am I to tell anyone they have an ugly baby?? Constructive criticism is one thing, but I refuse to involve myself in bashing anyone for any reason.

  2. Um... I didn't know about any of that, and honestly, I'm glad I missed it. I read books, I give my honest opinion, with no author-bashing. I don't even post negative reviews unless I've received the book from a publishing program that *requires* me to post a review. And I have *really* not like a book to post something negative even then.
    As an avid reader, I don't think anyone has the right to say I'm not qualified to write reviews. As you said, who else should be reviewing books, but real readers? How can someone review a book if they've only read a summary of the book? Ugh. So glad I missed the "hullaballo" this weekend. I'm getting wound up just thinking about it.

  3. Right on, sister!
    I heard about this at 'Hippies' blog and loved what they said about professional conduct both as an author and a blogger. You're saying the same things.

    Love my books and think it is a shame to have people upset if I say what I think especially since I find something positive to say about some of the worst (for me) books that I have read. I have never posted less than a 3 star review and always explain my thinking when I do put up my reviews.

    I pray this moves on and we can all just get back to our books. (-;


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