Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Announcing winners for the two most recent Giveaways!!

Rafflecopter Review:  It's pretty easy. I love the wording on the directions making it seem even easier, if possible. It's definitely more efficient in handling Giveaways, not to mention super randomness. After a while I recognize a lot of followers and I gotta say, I really want regulars to win, which makes it hard to be random. jajajaja  I just feel like throwing out not-so-random thank-you's. And maybe I'll figure out how to do that!!

Closed  This Giveaway came and went without me noticing, that's how efficient Rafflecopter can be!!  I had a nagging suspicion that I'd misplaced a Winner somewhere, and eventually figured out how to click the button labeled "CHOOSE A WINNER NOW!"  And the happy winner is...

Terri M.

Terri has already gotten back to me with her choice of book... and she's letting me choose one of the following for her:

1. Dreaming awake
2. As I wake
3. Flesh and blood

Muahahahahaha.... What'll it be?!  You'll have to wait and see!!!!!  (That totally rhymed.)

Last night another Giveaway ended and Rafflecopter has graciously chosen a winner...



Erin, I was going to quote your resolution even before I knew you won, because who resolves to find happiness?!
My resolutions are to get fit and healthy and to find happiness finally...thanks for the wonderful giveaway!
Happiness is like, one of those elusive must-have's that is hard to even hang on to when you get it, let alone know for sure when you find it. E.L.U.S.I.V.E.

I mean... winning a book just seems to fall short, although, I'm jumping up-n-down happy you won!! Maybe that'll be a start!!  And you have a BLOG, which is so totally CUTE!!

I seriously LOVE your buttons. You could give me lessons.  (No, really: burgandyice at live dot com)

I promised (or threatened, however you see it) to post some answers to your Resolutions. There were some GREAT comments and I seriously wish-wish-wish I could comment back!!  (If I leave random comments in odd places that have nothing to do with your post... that would be Why.) (Speaking of which... Thx, Miki, for the link to the delicious-looking Bûche de Noël  - I'm on a diet now, so this is driving me crazy, but thanks, I was totally curious!!)  

Red left me this long description of a remodeling project gone totally SPROING!! Which is exactly what such "easy, simple, weekender" projects do - not implying you meant to get done in a weekend... wait, I'll just quote you:
Started a project back in Sept that should have taken me a week or so. I'm still working on it!'s something that is slowly eating my soul and making my eye twitch. 
Jajajajaja  I seriously laughed over that. Thx for enjoying the humorous side and sharing!! I hope you get that project completed in 2012!!

BY FAR the winningest answer was NONE!!!!!!  No resolutions!  But BRN2SHOP9 got right to the heart of the problem...
 no resolutions because i don't believe they work after the first week of the new year
There's probably something funny about the second week of the year that smooshes Resolutions. Or, as my uncle argued with gusto, "Why not resolve to start something on October 1st!" which some commentors would have agreed with.

Denise Z expressed my feelings regarding 'em:
In truth resolutions are good for taking stalk of what you have accomplished and hope to accomplish in the coming year
And I could even agree with:
  I hereby resolve to be certain there are no more cans of noise in the dollar store before I let my son set foot in it
The second most popular Resolution (after None) was best expressed by Tiffany Drew:
My resolution is to get on a healthy diet and get this blob of a body under control :)
Jajajajaja  Oh yea... ME TOO!!!  

CherryBlossomRain said:
 My real resolution is to finally write something worth sending to a publisher. 
Eche Las Ganas, Chica!! We can do it!!!!

It was a little exhausting reading everyone's resolutions. Especially the organizational ones, since I am challenged in that area. All those specific amounts of books to be read or posts to be posted - well, anything specific is pretty scary. I am very carefully vague so I can pretend I succeed even while anticipating some shortfall. It was nice to pause and plan (or not). Thanks for participating and following, so...


  1. Congrats to the winners. I'm glad you liked using the Rafflecopter. It makes entering giveaways way to easy :)

  2. Congrats to all the winners. I just discovered Rafflecopter myself and I love it!


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