Saturday, February 18, 2012

Welcome Sunday!

Welcome Sunday!! 

Welcome Salon Sunday 
In My Mailbox!!!!

Giveaway Update:  
win a copy of Mansfield Park by Jane Austen for the Literary Giveaway

This past week... I was tagged, so I needed to return the favor, which was fun (and maybe a little time-consuming).

I also posted "Why Pinterest is great for Book Blogging" which jump started a new Page dedicated to all the Book Bloggers on Pinterest I find. I've been updating it all week. Too, too fun!!

Happy Valentine's Day!The Follower Love Giveaway ended, so I had to draw a winner which led to a delicious post on Love Lessons - inspired by my awesome readers!!!

My PhotoI am not finished with my Reader Appreciation Kick-Off... which will extend pass Miss Remmers' Reviews' Feature thingame she did all week.

The good news is, Giselle at Xpresso Reads won the most nominations... and therefore won something... a gift card, maybe, or book and swag. CONGRATS!!

I won this week, too...

Sheila at Book Journey hosts a great Meme every week about sharing what you're reading and what's coming up next... and participators are entered into a drawing to win one of her very long list of prizes. This past week, I was the winner!!!  I think I chose one of the book lights, 'cause I'm forever trying to read in the dark - spoiled by my Nook!!!  I'll list it when I get it.  If you haven't participated in that Meme, yet, you might want to try... it's another great way to meet book bloggers!!

SM Johnston hosted a great giveaway, which I was also a winner at. I am getting a pre-order copy of Sweet Evil, which looks really fun.  By the end of this spring, I should know more about "fallen angels" and dealing with the varied struggles of being one (should I review everything coming in as scheduled!!)


In non-book news (although I'm sure I can make it relate if I think a bit) two kiddledids lost teeth, which taxed the Tooth Fairy somewhat.

Then Dash kicked Bear in the knee while horsin' around and ended up breaking his big toe.

Luckily for him (sarcasm getting so thick it's hard to see around here) the fracture is right on a growth disk, so he gets to wear a boot for up to 6 weeks and is no longer allowed to run or jump. He is not too happy about the boot, but he'll be pretty mad that I posted it on my blog.  hehehehe

The Week of Valentine's... a dozen roses from my Sweetheart... who brought one for our little girl, too. She didn't want to set it down!!

*sigh* On to more great news of the week... what new books I got!!!!

Thank you to The Story Siren for hosting In My Mailbox!!!!!  I can't wait to see what everyone else got!!

  I won this SIGNED copy of Tiger's Voyage from JJ iReads. THANK YOU, JJ!!!  YOU ROCK!!!!

The New Death and others I also won The New Death and Others by James Hutchings from Laurie's Thoughts and Reviews.  Thank you!!!! You are so sweet!!!!!

Yeppers... even with 4 giveaways running simultaneously, I'm still winning more than I'm giving, which says an awful lot about this awesome book bloggin' community!!  We are a generous, creative bunch!! I'm so happy to be part!!

This week will stick in my memory as the week I passed 1000 page hits/day - no idea what the "unique" count is, not sure I know what that means. Any time I talk about Colorimetry w/ family & friends I start giggling uncontrollably. They look at me like I've either lost my mind or hit the jackpot.  Obviously, I have found my personal version of the Lottery... BOOK BLOGGING IS THAT AWESOME!!!

Come on, admit it... do you rave about books to non-readers 'til they think you're nuts?!


  1. Wow! You had a super busy and amazing week! So far I have avoided Pinterest becuase I am afraid I will get addicted and really the only space I can give up in my life now is sleep time...LOL

    1. Ah... see? that's thinking ahead!!! It is horribly addicting!!! :-D I'm a happy sucker, I guess!

  2. What a great week...except for the kiddie's broken toe!

    Love how you presented your bonanza of good things. Enjoy!


  3. I have been curious about Colleen's books

    Happy reading

  4. It sounds like a very eventful week! I hope that the next one is just as exciting - except without the broken bones!

  5. Tiger's Curse! I have yet to read the first book... but I have it! :D

    Happy Reading!
    iLive, iLaugh, iLove Books.

  6. How do you win so many books?! (Jealous!)

    Lovely, lovely blog.

  7. I don't know if I rave about books to non-readers as much as I guess that they notice I'm reading books -- on GoodReads on Facebook. Most of the raving I do is to those who are already reading: mostly other book bloggers.

  8. Oh, YES! I talk to non-readers about books 'till THEY get sick. Which is awful 'cause when they hit the hospital bed I don't have someone to talk with. Not even when they get better; apparently my babbling is worthy just ONCE every lifetime. *shame on me*

  9. Great IMM!! Check out my IMM for the week & follow me!


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