Monday, February 6, 2012

What? Musing...

Today is sooooo Monday. I slept in over the weekend like it was summer already. We had sunshine in the Northwest and it just improves the general mood everywhere, sleeping in is perfect. But this morning is Monday and everyone must get to school on that early bus. Ugh.

Book Journey hosts a great Meme although it's called "It's Monday" which is just... well, too bad. (Monday, I mean. Book Journey's awesome.)

Replication: The Jason ExperimentI am finishing Replication and starting The Giver - I'm starting the review for one in my head and thinking of the next one already, which means 3/4 way thru-ish.

The Giver (The Giver, #1)It is Monday, so I have a LOT to do today, so we'll see how much "fun" progress I actually make.

As for Musing (by Should Be Reading)...

Did you do any reading in lieu of watching the football game, yesterday, or were you foregoing reading to watch the game?

I didn't read too much yesterday. I watched the Superbowl and boo-ed the Patriots* and caught every commercial.  Of course!!  jajajajajaja

Which commercial was your favorite?  (if you watched)

As a family, our vote was the M&M commercial...  Did you see it?  We were laughing so hard and everyone had to try out the naked chocolate dance. Hilarious.

(Here's the video - go ahead, try out the Naked M&M dance this Monday morning!)

We liked the Apocolyptic Chevy one as a close second. The Twinkies were totally perfect.**

I didn't read so much, but I found a cool Ap for my Nook called Lose It!

I punch in what I eat and it tallies my calorie count. I got tired of counting our calorie count on the handy paper at least two weeks ago***.  This Lose It! remembers my food choices, too, so as I get bored again with keeping track all my snacking, it'll make it easier to keep going.

It's very helpful. I guess I'm not maintaining that 500 cal/day goal, which explains the slower weight loss of the past week.
SuperBowl snack spread - healthy style!

On the bright side... I whipped up a SuperBowl snack spread that didn't toss the diet out the window!! Tell me this isn't totally cute and delicious lookin'!!  Plus I had "hot wings" (not shown) made with chicken breast and blended tomatoes with my special blend of hot spices and stevia sweetener. Yum!!

Strawberry Sorbet in the ice cream maker
Strawberries + frozen Banana + Sweetener

I had to run to the store for more strawberries, the Sorbet was such a big hit. It was 1/2 hour before the game started and the WHOLE WORLD was running to the store for last minute snacks. I could hardly find parking. At least all the check stands were open!^

* Because the Patriots beat my team, the Rams.#  So logically I had to cheer on the Giants, which irritated Cool, Man, whose team forever is the Packers## who lost to the Giants a few weeks back causing us to have a Very Bad Weekend. The game is always funner if we're picking opposite sides, anyway.

# As a new wife, I had to pick a team in my enthusiastic support of all things husbandy and I watched the pre-season games carefully and decided the Rams would make it to the Superbowl, which they won that year###, and per my Cool, Man, I must stick with my team forever and the Patriots beat them so I don't like 'em forever. 

## He is "cool".

### I am good!

** Wait a minute... do I sense a FOOD theme?!?!

*** Anything very systematic gets boring to me quickly and I "forget" to keep it up.

^ It makes me feel like one of a flock of birds to be doing the same thing as everyone else at the same time, you know?  Tweet - Tweet!!


  1. Looks like Superbowl Sunday was so much fun for you :-) I wasn't really that into it, not sure why - but I did cook, watch some of it - and reeeadddd - so lame :-)

  2. Great post :). Except being from RI, I had to root for the "home" team. Sounds like you had a good time. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. As you know I am not a football fan, or commercial fan either. But, I love the food, and your SuperBowl Snack Spread looks great. I fixed us Chili, it was easy and quick to heat up. I did however asked the hubby who won.

  4. Oh, man... my commercial doesn't play - way lame-o!! but it's got a link you can JUST BARELY click to get it. Ah well... Thanks for stopping by!! I love reading, so that's even better in my world!!!! :-D

  5. Mondays, indeed! We need to get up at 6.30am and it's just too early. And the temperature doesn't help either!

    Have a great week!

    1. Ah... well, at least it's not 5:45, hey? "Sleeping in" around here is 7am. hahahahaha But "early" is early no matter what time, isn't it?

  6. Oh, what a funny commercial! So glad you posted it. Thanks for visiting my Musings!

  7. I liked the car one where everyone was singing the Rocky tune...of course if I remembered what car, it might help.

    1. jajajajajajaja That's totally awesome. I think it was one of the Kia commercials - they had a few good ones. Those car people and beer people sure have a lot of money for commercials, don't they?

  8. I keep seeing the Giver all over the place. I know it's a kids classic. Should really get round to reading it some day. Love the ad.

  9. That strawberry sorbet looks amazing! I need to read The Giver one of these days. I know it's a classic, but just never got to it.

    Happy reading!


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