Friday, April 6, 2012

April Fools! Snapshot

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Do you “celebrate” April Fool’s Day?

I didn’t even mention it Sunday, although, it turned into quite the day.

The boys awoke saddened that there was no school, but ready to trick everyone they could come in contact with as much as possible. (School provides so much more scope for the imagination, see?)

Most of the fool-tricks were silly, getting someone to repeat something funny or bonkin’ ‘em on the nose for lookin’ – that sort of thing. Harmless. (No injuries to report!!)

Mom (me) held out un-tricked the longest.

I just don’t react to all the activity flying around me all the time, you know? Like, why? What’s different about it?!  Lol.

Photo593So Dash brought his stuffed pet snake out to the kitchen and tied it inside a cupboard with a string… while I watched. I was blogging Sunday’s post. I thought he was cute. ‘Til I reached for a glass from the cupboard and the snake lept out at me!!

Dash and everyone got a kick out of that. Of course.

Especially since I laughed, tucked the snake back inside the cover, and then startled myself again opening the door.

And again.

I knew it was there – heck, I was the one stuffing it back in as I laughed, and yet I jumped every single time. All day. What a sucker!!

I got my family back, though. We tossed the old, beat-up couches out onto the front lawn ‘cause the local garbage pickup day for “anything” was on the 3rd. It’s lame to have a couch in the front yard for two days, but we were so… injured… from trying to sit on ‘em!! Our new one’s coming some time this week, so it seemed handy with all the muscles lounging around on a Sunday afternoon. Makes sense, right?

Only… the pick up isn’t for April 3rd. Nope. It’s for MAY 3rd.

So… um… yea, I “got everyone back”, alrighty. And now I have some couches in the front yard!!!
Maybe it was just “April Fool’s on Mom” day. Although, the kids will have to explain why there’s couches in the yard to their buddies, assuming they get back into the schedule of catching the bus on time!

Confession Time... 

Haven't you done something totally LAME before? - maybe even repeatedly?!  (Ok, maybe not repeatedly.)  Do tell!!  Please!!!  Lol.


  1. Uh yah! That was pretty good. I instantly thought of the time that I ordered 500 invitations with the right day, wrong date, and no time on them. And I proofed them!

    I am my own worst enemy for jokes. :D

    1. Oh, no!!! That's pretty bad. It's easy to forget somethin' proofreading for something else!! Very brave to share!

  2. OK, that was pretty funny. Sorry about the couches in the front yard, but you could just sit on them and wave to the people going by. Bet you'd get some 'looks'! LOL

  3. :D

    I once scared my cousins hiding a springy snake under their beds!

    Here is my Saturday

  4. In high school, my friends and I once hid a stuffed mechanical monkey in a locker. I think she still hasn't forgiven us...

  5. That is so funny about the couches! I once bought a mechanical spider toy just to freak out a friend in junior high. She ran like the school was on fire when I dropped it on the floor. The funny thing is I have a fear of spiders too, but it didn't freak me out because I knew it was a toy.

    My kids tried to fool me this year, but they didn't succeed. Neither did my husband who was traveling and tried to convince me he'd gotten on the wrong plane.

  6. Ha! Too funny. Somehow April fools came and went without anyone around here noticing. When I was a kid I once switched the salt and sugar in the kitchen. It kinda didn't go over so well when my parents went to sweeten their morning coffee.

  7. Maybe someone will take your old couch as a new found treasure...LOL


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