Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Easter!!!

What a great Sunday!!

Previously written b/c I'M NOT HERE!!  I'm somewhere else eating chocolate!!!

Since Bloggiesta last weekend, I have continued to work on Colorimetry.  I'm removing all the books from the sidebars and organizing them into themed pages.

Another cool one, Left Brain vs. Right Brain - Mercedes BenzOrganization, as a rule, is a challenge for me. Thursday I took a test to see if I was Left-Brained or Right-Brained, and the results were hardly surprising. All I can say is, I'm gonna write me a doozy of a good book any day now!!  (Or trip over my piles?)

Go ahead... hop over to the post and take the test. You totally know you want to!!!

And you Left-Brained types... if you want to criticize my attempt at organizing themed pages, PLEASE DO!!!  I'll soak up all the advice you can give!!  (Can I get a fist-bump from the Right-Brainers? Anyone?!)

I made a major-ish decision this week...

Dolche far niente (1877) - Auguste Toulemouche (French, 1829-1890)Reviews I have agreed to do feel like "work" - and I have a job!!  I mean, I don't need a second job!!!  So, I'm backing off on my enthusiastic signing up for books to review, so I can just read books as I come to 'em, which is rarely in any sort of order.

(Oh yea, I'm jealous of all y'all that just methodically tackle your TBR piles. As soon as I put a book in a specific order, I absolutely must read it OUT of order, what can I say?!)

And piles to go before I sleep...I did, however, read-n-review The Quaker State Affair for Tribute Tours - and I tell ya, that book was a wild ride!!

I've rec'd so many offers from authors, though, with seriously good-lookin' books!  I can't keep up with all the great reading... so I've decided to post Interviews to share these great books. The first up this week was The Talisman of El, which really looks fun.  I'll be posting MORE, so many more this week, etc, etc, etc.

I'm excited about that. 

CoffeeI talked a lot about a Hang Out to discuss topics over a delicious cup of coffee. I started this week with Table Discussion over The Hunger Games. It's cool, an' all, but not exactly as OPEN as I'd like it. Mostly it's a lot of ME jabbering about a topic, rather than a DISCUSSION.  Maybe a blog post with comments is not the right place for this idea... maybe we need... well, Twitter just is too brief for most of my thoughts. And any sort of chat session requires dedicated time, rather than bits of time... know what I mean?  I don't have dedicated time - especially not at night!!  Maybe Google+?!  I'll keep thinking about it...

Attract new neighbors by nailing an old mailbox to a branch and watch house finches and wrens flock to feather their nests.
In My Mailbox is hosted by Kristi @ The Story Siren

(Go Candor!!) (?)

I'm still on the brakes for receiving more books.  I have so many books I want to read... no, MUST read, that adding to them almost hurts. Happily, I got some delicious swag in the mail!!  :-D

Thank you Crazed 'Bout Books!!!!!

Making it necessary that I read MORE BOOKS!!! Lol. *sigh* Such bliss is unexcape-able!!

so cuteThe best part about today, of course, is that it's Easter!!  Have a great one!!!

Pictures courtesy of Pinterest!!


Talisman of El
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  1. Oh, I absolutely ADORE your new header! Wonderful....and now I'm off to check out your themed pages...and possibly some of those links.

    Enjoy your new adventures.


    1. Oh, thx!!!! :-)

      I paused mid-sorting on my themed pages... and saying "themed pages" makes me want to add theme-related stuff to 'em!! Lol.

      I appreciate all your thoughts!!

  2. It sucks when writing reviews starts to feel like work, doesn't it? I like the themed pages idea.

    Oh, I checked out that test and I am 50% left-brained, 30% right-brained, which sounds about right. I am more orderly than not, but still quite creative. Not sure what that says about my potential to write a great novel one day.

  3. Happy Easter to you too! And what a great bunch of swag! :-)

    My IMM

  4. This is my first visit to your blog. I am impressed with all the changes you listed. I have to agree about the blog becoming a job. I am retired but have managed to turn mine into a part time job. Have a good Easter.

  5. Happy Easter! :)

    Happy reading,

  6. Happy Eater!
    If you want to have a chat session, I would recommend since you can have guests joining in as some people may not have google+ accounts for hangouts. PErsonally, I don't like Twitter for discussions, too many people and it doesn't update real time.

    Lilian @ A Novel Toybox

    1. Ah. Didn't know about the Real Time. Although... that's sort of my hiccup, "real time". Thx for the idea - I'll check it out!!!

  7. Happy Easter and enjoy all your wonderful book swag! The TBR pile never gets short does it lol :P

    You can see my IMM video and post for this week at the link below-- Happy Reading! :)

    Lea @ LC's Adventures in Libraryland

    1. I know!!! NO it does NOT!! Lol. Despite concerted EFFORT on my part!!! Hard to complain about that, though!!


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