Saturday, April 14, 2012

Saturday Snapshot - Easter and Winner!!


Have you ever written an entire post and then lost it?!  Links, pix, incredibly witty sentences?!  *sigh*  I don't know whether to give up and mope or rewrite it.

I'd like to say I took the "high road" and just rewrote it.  But I'm excessively grumpy... the result is nothing like the fun-lovin' post I originally created:

Saturday Snapshot is hosted by At Home with Books... real pix... real fun!

Here's the cute picture of some eggs we colored.

This is my silly picture of our Passover Sedar.

The way-cool thought behind this goofy plate was how we ended up having a great discussion about Passover and Easter which involved "death of firstborn" *gasp* and being "covered" by the blood. *gasp again*  It was a great conversation spurred by such a silly dish. (The digression from real Sedar ingredients is all my fault & I don't mean any insult to the amazingly awesome Passover meal.)

We visited with family - here's Trinity showing me she found the egg Nana had decorated:

As for the Easter Eggstravaganza Hop...

I enjoyed everyone's responses on how they celebrate Easter or memories of times past.  I thought I was the only kid who woke up to find chocolate hiding in bookshelves, so it's very fun to see how many remember similar fun. Miri's comment was so fun, I wanted to quote it:

we went on a walk all together and the weather was beautifully. And every now and then, my siblings or I found a some sweets all along the way. I KNEW that somehow my parents and grandparents must have put them there (I learend later that they carried a bag with them and just dropped the sweets whenever we didn't look), but I couldn't figure out how they did it. It was really magical - and I was excited because we found magical sweets and there was sun and I was with my family.
As for the winner  (You may roll your tongue in drum roll, if you like. I am.)
Emily @ Falling For YAApr 9, 2012 05:28 PMI don't really have any Easter memories. When my sister was younger though she didn't believe in the Easter bunny so I made up this HUGE lie about how I saw him and blah blah, she told all her friends about it and believed in the Easter Bunny until she was like 13, even after she had found out Santa isn't real. It was actually pretty funny.
You Wha?!

Maybe we should pick a different winner?! Someone who honors FAMILY for Easter instead of teasing younger sisters 'til their 13???!!!

What's up with that Emily @ Falling for YA?!?!

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I just like to ::razz:: my winners.

You won the journal and awesome peacock feather w/ pen & chocolate!!


  1. Sorry about losing the words and the pics. But, I enjoyed the ones you posted here. Colorful eggs and what a cute egg-hunter you had! LOL

  2. How fun! I love hearing about peoples' different holiday traditions.

  3. Cute eggs.
    Bad luck with the disappearing post. I haven't used Blogspot much, so I can't help you find it.

  4. Try typing it out again.... it's all in there!

    1. Ha. Ha. Ha.

      I did. My fingers cramped. 'Cause I wrote at least three posts for the weekend after visiting lots of great blogs & friends. And cramping fingers cramped my creativity. And then we left early today to go hang out in the sunshine all day, playing. So... you see... I didn't have time to be re-inspired!!! And I had to share my pictures!! Choices.

  5. we didn't get to dye eggs this year :( We just had time to hunt plastic ones a few times...still fun, but I definitely miss the tradition of making our own.

  6. Perhaps our post are meeting in cyberspace. I most certainly have lost one or two of them. Love your eggs.

    1. OH... I like to think it's out there somewhere!! Consorting with other missing posts!!!

  7. Congrats to Emily! I SO would have done something like that to my younger brother! I love him but he could be such a pain growing up...oh, yeah, first chance and I would have been all over it! LOL!

    1. Wha?! I see we need to avoid suggesting ideas to you!!

  8. Those are adorable pictures!

    Congrats Emily!

  9. I have had that happen before, but thankfully very rarely. I do believe my replacement posts were cliffs notes versions of the originals (it hasn't happened in a very long time thank goodness). Very cute photos!

  10. Great pictures! Looks like a very multi-faceted holiday.

    Here's my snapshot.

  11. It looks like you all had a wonderful Easter! Thanks for choosing me as the winner! If I had known my post would have been up in the spotlight I would have written it a little better lol

    1. Ah... that makes me want to say "I warned you!" which is not nice!!! I quote random winners frequently, you know, although maybe I forgot to threaten it in writing. I'm always forgetting something. Like where I put my sticky notes of What Not To Forget!!!

      Congratulations. I'm so glad you won!


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