Monday, April 23, 2012

World Book Night! Triumphant!!

The sun hasn't set, but World Book Night is already a HUGE SUCCESS here!!!


Ender's Game (Ender's Saga, #1)I got rather jittery as 1:00 arrived. My appointment at the mid-school was for 1:30, just in time to interrupt the classroom. I arrived with my enticingly labeled box of books. Inside snuggled 20 copies of Ender's Game... a dystopian sci-fi that was sure to be a hit wherever it went!

I checked in at the Mid-School office, although I was prepared for stealth. (Safety first, and all that.) The hall echoed with my steps as my (new!) flip-flops slapped my feet. The class was already in progress, heads bent over books, studying for something diligently. They were already sweating before I even got there, so full of anticipation... or maybe the suddenly hot weather. 

I immediately sought out my son, who sat near the front, I saw with relief. The class clowns were lined up under the sweltering window. Then he turned and met my gaze and I snorted. And blinked. He was wearing goofy glasses with huge black rims. Wha?!  He slipped them off and pretended they weren't sitting on his desk waiting for his mom to leave. I pretended I hadn't noticed 'til I get him home from school.

Mr. Schearer offered to let me say a few words, which was so kind of him. I coughed and tried to whisper all the important points so he could share. He did a pretty good job. He read Elliot's review outloud, stumbling over the super-honest bits. (Elliot's my 15 yr old cousin, who is the reason behind Ender's Game being one of my choices!!)

My favorite part was when he described "reluctant readers" and how they existed in the world and the entire class snickered with unbelief... or maybe because he was describing each of them!!

Then he had all the kids come to the front to get their books and I bravely took a picture. They were all very nice and excited, including a sub-helper in the back who clutched her book with a huge smile and asked me in a loud whisper if Ender's Game was anything like The Hunger Games?  My whispered answer was anything but brief, so I lost her somewhere after "kind of, but..."  *shrug*  I'm sort of used to over-responding.

The entire box of 20 books was gone so quickly. I paused waiting for lightening to strike the classroom, or something. Instead, the kids filed back to their seats while the grownups read the back cover describing World Book Night. I flipped my arms around a bit in a sort of "goodbye" motion and sidled towards the door, nearly running into the box fan resting on the floor. Mr. Schearer noticed my rapid exit and thanked me for bringing the books... and all the class thanked me as I ran out the door. (Hey, at least I didn't trip.)

It's possible I'm timid in person. Maybe.  Even still, that was a lot of fun. I hope I get to read my son's copy of Ender's Game, too. It sounds like a book I'd like a lot!!

En fin... YAY! for World Book Night!!!

If you have a story or post or picture... PLEASE SHARE!!  I'd love to hear everyone's experiences!!!

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  1. Ahhh that's so nice! I've been meaning to get Ender's Game!

  2. That is fantastic, and what a great book choice!

  3. Aww glad you have fun! I'm giving mine out in only an hour and a half! So excited to see how it goes!!!

  4. WONDERFUL picture! Kudos to you and the sweet kids <3

  5. Brave you! I participated too. I took my books to a preschool program called Head Start to pass out to the young parents who were volunteering or picking up their children. I passed out 'The Book Thief' and had so many look at me with disbelief that someone was giving them a book. I would hear them whisper 'its a best seller', 'I don't read much, but I'll try' and 'Thank you, I haven't bought a book in a long time'. So fun!

    1. oh, that's so cool!!!! What a great way to share books, to people volunteering!!!

      Thx for seeing the "brave" part. I'm such a pipsqueak sometimes!!!

  6. I commend you for your bravery! There is nothing so intimidating as standing up in front of a class of teenagers.

    1. Lol. There was one girl who was very open to asking all sorts of questions. She made me nervous 'cause I'm used to quiet boys who grunt to communicate. Mine is the one with the book covering his nose!!


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