Wednesday, April 18, 2012

You're a WINNER!!


Autism Awareness Giveaway Hop  
We have a WINNER for the Autism Awareness Giveaway Hop!!!

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The Speed of Dark


Friday the 13th Giveaway!!
We also have a WINNER for the Friday the 13th Blog Hop!!

Froggy from Froggarita's Bookscase!!

Froggarita's Bookcase

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Your choice of hauntingly beautiful book!!!!


Finally... I zipped back to some November posts and found a familiar face...

My PhotoJaniera, 
did you know you were one of my earliest followers?!

As a small token of my THANK YOU to all the great followers of Colorimetry, I am giving you $5 gift card to Amazon as the 
Not-So-Random WINNER of the day!


  1. No-so-random, like, totally un-random, right?

    jajaja, sorry! My words are stuck somewhere in the middle of my brain. THAT's what happens when you read a law book AAAALL day *sigh*

    1. jajajajajaja Ok!

      How was that law book?! Sounds so fun!! chistosa

  2. NO, no es divertido. At all!

    It was -IS- awful!! So full of, well, contradictions. I'm still untangling the part of "Derecho Privado", which is more a paradigm than a helpful citizen guide -well, at last for us students!! Jajaja~

    1. I had a conversation with a lawyer today that was WACKY. He thought he made sense and I pretended I understood what he was saying...

      ...and afterwards walked away as "enlightened" as I began. NOT!! jajajajajaja

      Sinceremente, no te envio!!!!

    2. Envidia~ I know, lawyers are wierd. Whenever i found out I had to take this class, well, I cried. metaphorically, but still...


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